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Bahrain's Photo Masters Interviewed

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Ever Wondered how the Kingdom of Bahrain's most successful and most prominent photographers got their start? Find out in the November Issue. The new issue can be downloaded for free from within the Startup Bahrain app on iOS and PlayStore.

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Bahrain Noor El Ain

A Nation nation-wide festival Unveiled

Find out all about The Bahrain Noor El Ain Festival (BNEA), a national initiative which aims to create economic and commercial benefit for the Kingdom of Bahrain in our latest issue.


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The Team

We’re a team of Bahraini designers, writers, photographers, and entrepreneurs, who have contributed the best to our industry, locally and abroad. We aim to challenge the current expectations and aim higher.


Ahmed AlSawafiri

Startup Bahrain’s founder and editor-in-chief, entrepreneur, geek by profession. Has really short hair.


Bader Kamal

Bader helps design Startup Bahrain, does occasional photography, and finds pleasure in provoking others.


Mazin AlSawafiri

Mazin helps produce this magazine, is an entrepreneur, and passionate about branding.


Ali AlRiffai

Startup Bahrain’s award-winning commercial & editorial photographer and an instructor.


Mohammed Isa Hammad

A funny contributor with a security background, minor identity crises, and an affliction for technology.


Zain AlZayyani

Zain is a contributor, blogger, startup consultant, and chaos manager as a telecom professional.


Hamed Fakhro

A contributor, startup addict, and an inventor while not battling forces of evil. Loves puppies, we heard.


Isa AlMoawdah

A frequent contributor, marketing and branding specialist, consultant, and a student of life.

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