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Take a moment to look around you. Everything you see—the clothes you’re wearing, the phone in your hand, even the chair you’re sitting on, has a story behind it. Each item represents the hard work and creativity of people somewhere in this world. 

But at times in the past, many of these everyday essentials were out of reach for most people. Imagine a time when having a roof over your head and enough food to eat were considered luxuries! 

In today’s world, the economic prosperity and well-being we enjoy is a direct result of the industrial revolution. These times of big changes revolutionized manufacturing and transportation, which led to the globe’s economic growth by transforming production processes and boosting trade. 

As a term, ‘Economic Growth’ refers to an increase in the size of a country’s economy over a period of time. And for most people, this term and others related to the financial stability of countries and regions fall under the scope of the governments. 

But here’s the thing: economic growth isn’t just a job for our governments. 

It’s not about numbers—it’s about us and our shared journey. It’s about making more stuff and providing better services for each person in our community over time. It’s about our confidence in our markets and economies. It’s about where we decide to invest our cash and time. And here’s the real magic, when we come together and invest in our own backyard, something remarkable happens. 

Often, local and regional small and medium-sized companies face barriers due to limited financial resources for innovation, research, and product quality enhancement. By investing more in their products or services, we can provide them with the necessary funds to grow. This, in turn, allows them to expand. 

Moreover, this increased production and creation leads to economic growth as it generates income and employment opportunities in that region. Money circulates. 

When money circulation is disrupted, it means that the flow of funds within the local economy slows down or shifts elsewhere, potentially harming local businesses and economic growth.

While I acknowledge that my discussion of economic growth in this article may offer a simplified perspective, I firmly believe it offers a valuable viewpoint for consideration today. 

It’s on each of us to play our part, to support our local businesses and advocate for our communities. Together, we can grow stronger, more resilient, and more prosperous than ever before.