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The symbiotic relationship between the two domains of manufacturing and logistics serves as the backbone of any thriving economy and fuels progress within both sectors, right? And who would know more about that than the Head of Manufacturing and Logistics at Tamkeen, Aamer Buhusain

But first, let’s go back to the beginning. Aamer started out in the private banking space, where he was thrust into the front lines of client-facing roles, and that instilled in him an acute understanding of the significance of client satisfaction. “My time at the bank was a crucial learning phase, emphasizing the pivotal role of representing both myself and the institution with finesse,” he recalled. Beyond mere client interactions, Aamer learned the art of managing client expectations and developed the ability to streamline complex projects, which helped his transition to Bahrain’s Economic Development Board (EDB). Aamer’s role managing the Manufacturing & Logistics sector  there laid the groundwork for his current position at Tamkeen. 

“My tenure at EDB was transformative; I learned the art of pitching, gained profound insights into Bahrain’s manufacturing & logistics sectors, priming me for my current role,” he shared. 

Delving into the synergy between innovation and Bahrain’s manufacturing landscape, Aamer stressed, “I believe in the phrase, ‘necessity breeds innovation’; it’s the driving force sustaining Bahrain’s manufacturing industry amidst global challenges.” Tamkeen is currently offering support programs to help companies adopt the most advanced automation machinery, and undergo digital transformations with the aim of improving productivity and enhancing economic impact.

A key point to keep in mind, Aamer noted the importance of tailoring products to the preferences of Middle Eastern consumers. 

With his deep industry knowledge, we had to ask Aamer about emerging manufacturing trends and their contribution to the growth trajectory. “In line with Bahrain’s Industrial Sector Strategy (2022 – 2026), there are particular opportunities that Bahrain can capitalize on, including but not limited to manufacturing of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), aluminum downstream, renewable energy, and industrial services,” Aamer elaborated. “These sectors have plenty of potential, promise high-value exports and career specializations for Bahrainis.”

Highlighting the role of our national workforce, Aamer commended the 25% Bahraini workforce in manufacturing, emphasizing Tamkeen’s crucial role in nurturing talent. “Tamkeen’s programs from On-the-Job Training Program, The Global Ready Talent Program and the Apprenticeship Program are provided to develop the workforce in the relevant fields.” 

In an effort to foster digitalization and empower the manufacturing sector in embracing the latest technologies, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) recently introduced iFactories. This national initiative aligns with the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s also a testament of their strategic partnership with Tamkeen. 

Furthering Bahrain’s manufacturing prowess through international collaboration is another key focus for Aamer. “Collaborations offer avenues for technology infusion, knowledge exchange, and new supply chain opportunities,” he emphasized. Tamkeen makes a point of supporting partnerships between local and multinational companies to foster Bahraini talent development through global exposure.

Beyond professional pursuits, Aamer mentioned how he finds balance through exercise, consuming biographies and podcasts on entrepreneurship, and taking time to unwind and as he stated, “do nothing.” He went on to add, “Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is crucial to rejuvenate the mind and body.”

Looking ahead, Aamer envisions Bahrain’s manufacturing sector evolving through vertical integration, imports substitution, and local product realization. “The future holds potential for in-house operations, increased local production, and realization of entrepreneurial dreams,” Aamer concluded, hoping for a vibrant and self-sustaining Bahraini manufacturing landscape. We’re right there with you! 

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