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Disruption with Purpose

I believe that purpose is the new currency. We all want and need a better…

5 things The Collective Hub investors want your startup to do during COVID-19 slowdown

These are indeed worrying times for anyone with a stake in Bahrain’s thriving, yet intensely…

We might be going through a pandemic, but your business doesn’t have to!

This year has been a whirlwind. From Bill Gates, one of the original tech entrepreneurs…

Here’s how Springring is revolutionizing school-parents interactions in Bahrain

The EdTech space within Bahrain’s thriving startup ecosystem is teeming with a new wave of…

A comprehensive guide to Sijili (Virtual CR) for Bahrain’s startups

This is of course not the only factor, but Bahrain’s rise to the top of…

What is an eKey? How do I get my eKey in Bahrain?

The eKey is your gateway to a whole range of eServices offered by the Bahraini…

Renew your CR in Bahrain using 5 simple steps

Your Company Registration (CR) in Bahrain remains valid for one year, meaning you have to…

7 Tools to help facilitate online learning for Bahrainis during this time!

Education is the pillar of development, which is why it's been consistent in Bahrain despite…

All you need to know about how Bahrain supports you during the pandemic

Times are crazy, right? With COVID-19 spreading rapidly, causing unprecedented decisions to be made, bringing…

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