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7 super useful online tools for productive Bahraini founders

Launching a successful startup is ripe with cut-throat challenges from all aspects — from struggling…

6 tips to perfect your communication plan as a Bahraini startup

A major trading hub since ancient times, Bahrain’s growing economy and supportive business infrastructure is designed to…

Planning a wedding will never be easier with this Bahraini startup, Farahii

Planning a wedding is not easy; between orchestrating the bridal shower, drafting the guest list…

Tenmou is back with a bigger bang and ready to invest in your startup

Are you ready for the new Tenmou? StartUp Bahrain is getting the exclusive dish on…

How I became the first robotics programmer in Bahrain

Many would say it takes a lot to become a robotics programmer, and I’m here…

5 marketing tricks for Bahraini startups that work

Bahrain today is one of the most exciting global destinations for startups. And not without…

Bahrain’s best coffee shops to work in for entrepreneurs

Are you the kind of person who can’t work at home, with family interrupting you…

Summer is coming, book pools with the Bahraini Kashtah

What’s one thing we all look forward to in the summer? Escaping the heat. One…

Here are 5 tips to remember next time you speak to an investor

Wooing investors to secure funding is probably right there in the list of top-3 toughest…

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