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Bahrain-based Beyon Money, a division of the Beyon Group, has introduced an innovative online payment acceptance solution known as Beyon Money Checkout. Developed in collaboration with Ottu, a prominent fintech company, this new offering is set to transform the landscape of merchant services in Bahrain and across the Middle East.

The partnership with Ottu not only marks an exciting expansion of Beyon Money’s services but also aims to empower Bahraini merchants by seamlessly integrating Beyon Money Checkout into their e-commerce channels. Ottu, known for its commitment to merchant solutions, will extend Beyon Money’s payment services throughout its extensive merchant network in Bahrain and other regional markets.

Beyon Money Checkout streamlines the payment process, reducing the number of steps when compared to conventional solutions. This efficiency results in cost savings for merchants. Additionally, the solution enhances the experience for Beyon Money users, as transactions can be completed instantly by using their registered phone number, eliminating the need to enter payment card details.

Roberto Mancone, CEO of Beyon Money, highlighted the benefits of Beyon Money Checkout: “It leverages our digital wallet, enabling merchants to receive instant payments from Beyon Money customers at lower costs than traditional card payment methods. Together with Ottu, we aim to empower merchants while elevating the online payment experience for Beyon Money customers.”

Talal AlAwadhi, CEO of Ottu, emphasized the shared vision of simplifying transactions across the region: “This partnership is a testament to our shared vision of simplifying transactions in Bahrain, the UAE, and the GCC. Ottu will spearhead the expansion of Beyon Money’s new payment service, Beyon Money Checkout, offering an advanced online payment solution that will redefine the way we conduct financial transactions.”

Beyon Money Checkout is poised to reshape online payment methods, offering efficiency and convenience to both merchants and users.