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The Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), in collaboration with The BENEFIT Company, has rolled out a new coding service to facilitate contactless payment for mobile devices. Specifically, the new service enables a secure platform for operating the encryption feature for contactless payments. 

At launch, the encryption feature will be compatible with all devices powered by the Android OS. 

With this new feature enabled, any Android device will be able to make payments digitally via POS devices.

The CBB is optimistic that it will further add to the ease of completing digital transactions as users will just require placing their mobile devices close to the POS device — no plastic cards required. This is pretty much the same way users of the Benefit B app can make their contactless payments.

Besides other perks, the encryption service also adds to the security aspect as it prevents third parties from accessing user and account data. This way, customers can rest assured knowing that they no longer have to worry about their cards being cloned or misused.