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After a series of negotiations, Payment International Enterprise (PIE) has officially become a principal licensee for Mastercard.

To accommodate the changing dynamics resulting from this deal, PIE has renewed its strategic commitment to serve the MENA region with efficient, reliable, and innovative financial products. As a leading provider of mobile, prepaid, and NFC payment solutions, PIE serves both the banked and unbanked sects of the population. Its financial products include a full spectrum of cashless payment services geared towards the banking and telecom sectors.

Additionally, PIE is also a leading provider of online checkout solutions. For example, Masterpass, a digital wallet, enables users to store their credit and debit card credentials in an easily accessible but high-security location. This allows them to make quick and safe payments whether they are purchasing from an online or offline store.

The company has been focusing primarily on infrastructure development in view of its high-value commitments to emerge as the go-to provider of consumer-centric end-to-end financial services.

Speaking of the new partnership with Mastercard, Fawaz Ghazal, CEO, PIE, said, “This is a major milestone for PIE. The Mastercard license allows us to provide international player products to our clients and expand our services beyond conventional payments. Our newly-formed partnership will play a vital and crucial role towards our commitment to transform Bahrain into a cashless society by 2030.” He added that the partnership with Mastercard will place PIE in a better position to guarantee high-quality end-to-end financial solutions for both employees and employers.