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StartUp Bahrain, the leading national platform for startups in the Kingdom of Bahrain powered by Tamkeen, is thrilled to announce their second strategic partnership of the year with Tap Payments, the leading fintech company that specializes in providing innovative payment products for businesses and individuals. This partnership with Tap Payments brings a fresh wave of support and resources to Bahrain’s dynamic startup community. 

Tap Payments, renowned for its innovative payment products and unwavering support for startups and SMEs, is set to provide startups in Bahrain with access to cutting-edge fintech tools and expertise. Through this partnership, Tap Payments will collaborate closely with StartUp Bahrain, offering startups a seamless payment experience that can fuel their growth and expansion. 

Bader Kamal of StartUp Bahrain, commented: “We are excited to work with Tap Payments as part of our mission to empower startups and founders in Bahrain. With Tap Payments, we aim to provide our startup community with the best fintech solutions, enabling them to thrive in an increasingly digital business landscape.”

“At Tap Payments, we believe in the transformative power of fintech for businesses and its potential to spur innovation. Our partnership with StartUp Bahrain aligns seamlessly with our dedication to empowering startups and SMEs in Bahrain to flourish in the digital age,” expressed Ahmed AlAradi, Managing Director – Bahrain at Tap Payments. 

The partnership signifies a significant step in advancing Bahrain’s reputation as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. StartUp Bahrain remains committed to its mission of supporting and nurturing the growth of startups, and this collaboration with Tap Payments is a testament to its dedication.