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In recent years, Bahrain’s impressive economic growth can be attributed to forward-thinking policies that attract foreign businesses, particularly in manufacturing and logistics. But what motivates companies to venture abroad, and why is Bahrain such an appealing destination in the Middle East?

Companies often expand overseas to experience better growth prospects and long-term success. Relocating to a country with favorable government policies, regulations, and laws can facilitate growth and innovation more efficiently than staying put. Bahrain offers precisely this kind of business-friendly environment, with regulations and supportive factors that assist offshore manufacturing and logistics companies in reaching new heights.

“Sometimes, a company’s home country just isn’t the best environment for it to thrive or continue thriving,” highlights one key reason for international expansion.

Bahrain proves particularly alluring to offshore logistics companies, offering cost-effective operating expenses, including lower labor costs, utilities, and living expenses. Moreover, the reduced port charges and efficient customs procedures in Bahrain are a significant draw. The Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ) stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to logistics businesses, providing customs-free operations, dedicated account management, and efficient customs clearance. Its strategic location, only 14 minutes from the Khalifa bin Salman Port, ensures swift transit between seaport and airport in the GCC.

“Bahrain’s infrastructure, including land prices, transport connectivity, and utilities, make it an irresistible choice for logistics companies,” further underlines the island nation’s appeal.

Offshore manufacturing companies also enjoy multiple incentives, including zero corporate income tax and personal income tax (outside the oil industry). Bahrain’s flexible foreign ownership laws create a conducive ‘free zone’ atmosphere, while Bahrain’s Labour Fund (Tamkeen) provides government grants to expedite business growth. Additionally, Bahrain’s skilled local workforce, supported by government financial and training initiatives, is highly literate and tech-savvy.

“Bahrain offers a unique opportunity for offshore manufacturing and logistics companies to thrive in the GCC market,” sums up the opportunities awaiting businesses in this thriving region.