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StartUp Bahrain, the leading platform for startups in the Kingdom of Bahrain, recently organized the fourth edition of its highly anticipated StartUp Bahrain Pitch series. The event was held in collaboration with esteemed industry stakeholders, including the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), the Bahrain Economic Development Board, and Bahrain Development Bank. The event included a keynote speech by expert venture capitalist Abdulrahman AlJiffry, Partner at 500 Global, who shared his insights around the importance of funding and supporting startups and its impact on facilitating ecosystem growth.   

During the event, five local startups had the opportunity to showcase their businesses and ideas to a distinguished panel of judges. Nawaf Alkooheji, CEO of Tenmou, Sara Enan, Principal at VentureSouq, Abdulrahman AlJiffry, an expert angel investor as well as a partner of 500 Global, and Hussain Haji, a seasoned entrepreneur and head of regional corporate innovation at Brinc 

The event served as a platform for startups to connect with potential investors and gain recognition for their innovative solutions. Prior to the event, the participating startups underwent an intensive pitching bootcamp conducted by Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization (BEO) in collaboration with the World Business Angel Investors Forum (WBAIF) designed to enhance their fundraising and pitching skills. The course equipped them with essential techniques and strategies to deliver compelling pitches that effectively conveyed their unique value propositions to investors. 

“These events create great incentives for entrepreneurs and unifies the efforts of all stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. I was very pleased with the effective communication presented by the founders of the startups, which is a testament of the positive outcomes this experience brought to them. I also appreciate the efforts put forward by Tamkeen with all the partners to provide better financing solutions for Bahraini entrepreneurs.” Stated Mr. Abdulrahman AlJiffry in an inspiring speech to all entrepreneurs. 

The showcased startups represented various sectors and specialties, each presenting their innovative solutions. Among the participating startups were Rokn, specializing in special education tools; b4bhcom, a comprehensive platform showcasing Bahrain’s events and activities; Cartoon Planet, a creative startup focusing on 2D and graphic advertising; Dar Ma Daar, a marketing platform that gamifies domestic tourism; and Silent Power, dedicated to providing sustainable solar energy solutions for homes and businesses. 

The esteemed panel of judges meticulously evaluated each startup’s potential, recognizing their remarkable endeavors. Ultimately, Rokn, which was founded by Mrs. Eman Sharaf, emerged as the winner. The startup produces games and tools that help develop the skills of children with special and psychological needs. 

”I am extremely happy to achieve the first place, as I have worked hard during the past period to find appropriate solutions for children suffering from psychological issues. Through producing the games and tools required to support children with special needs, I hope to raise their capabilities and help them become active participants in the community.” She continued “Winning first place motivates me to keep the momentum and move forward to obtain the necessary financial solutions that supports my business.” Expressed Mrs. Eman about her win. 

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in future StartUp Bahrain Pitch events can register their interest to receive updates on upcoming cohorts.  

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