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A launchpad for scalable startups in the Middle East.

From startups to regional scaleups, some of the Middle East’s hottest are a part of the StartUp Bahrain ecosystem. There’s many more, check them out

Ninety-nine reasons why Bahrain and you’re one.

From the country’s rich cultural heritage, bustling food scene, and friendly regulations, Bahrain has the best and most compelling things to offer you and your startup.

Why Bahrain

Everyone, nice to meet you.

Discover the key players that make up our thriving community of startups, investors, accelerators, and more. Start networking and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for entrepreneurship.


Need some space? Here’s a bunch.

All you need is somewhere quiet, comfortable, with a stable WiFi connection and tasty refreshments to help you get the job done, and we have a couple of places in mind.


Mingle with the community.

Discover the latest startup events and networking opportunities in Bahrain’s ecosystem and beyond with industry conferences, competitions, and networking events.


Stay tuned to stay informed.

Get a deep dive into Bahrain’s startup ecosystem with inspirational case studies, insightful guides, and the tips and tricks that will give you that edge.


Ready to get perked and gain an edge?

Exclusive perks and offers from and for the community, from discounts to credits, grow and watch your startup thrive.


Needs a mentor, we got you covered.

Looking for advice on fundraising? Product development? Hiring? Our mentors can sort you out, just reach out!


#TeamBahrain is here to help at every step.

Why juggle between multiple points of contact when you can have one? Meet our ambassadors.


Be informed with the latest and greatest.

StartUp Bahrain hosts a bunch of events for you. Feel like networking and bumping into your future co-founder? Have an itch to pitch before Bahrain’s finest investors? Maybe you just want to mingle and have a good time after working hours? You’re in the right place.


We'll save you some time, here are the most frequently asked questions.

Get a head start on everyone else and check out a lot more frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions