StartUp Bahrain is a community initiative made up of startups, corporates, investors, incubators, educational institutions and the Bahrain government to promote startup culture in Bahrain.

Efforts are being made in each pillar to make Bahrain a great place to startup and scale companies regionally and globally. There have been a number of successes so far: an increase in the number of startup companies, new incubators and accelerators established, a FinTech sandbox introduced as well as Crowdfunding regulation and a pipeline of items to be introduced this year including: new bankruptcy laws and new funding schemes.

So why not join us and become part of the region’s most exciting startup community


There was a guy who had this idea. It was brilliant (but no, he’s not going to tell you what it is. Not that he thinks you’ll steal it, but you can’t be too careful). He knew that with energy and elbow grease, it would work. He just needed the right place…

…somewhere that gave him the right blend of clever people and smart technology. He discovered it in Bahrain. He found an incubator that gave him a great space (and connected him to some great people) and an accelerator that injected some welcome capital…

…and he found himself living on a beautiful island which met his needs beautifully. The people were tech smart and worldly -perfect to beta-test his brainwave. And Bahrain was perfectly placed to reach out to the big, big gulf market. He loved everything about it…


…especially how business-friendly it was. Yes, his startup took off and he lived happily ever after….Well, until his next brilliant idea.

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