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The movers and shakers that make up this community.

This is your starting point to who’s who in the community to your perfect jumping off point! Watch the video above to get to know us in 5-minutes and find out why Bahrain might be your  startup’s perfect launchpad.

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Be an innovative and bold startup built around a high-potential and scalable business model.


The database helps us build bridges, track growth, identify opportunities & gaps, promote, invite & nominate you for roundtable discussions, exclusive gatherings, competitions, delegations, awards, investors, customers, and exciting opportunities all around the world.

Questions & Feedback

Don’t forget to check out the other pages on StartUp Bahrain. Learn more about who’s who in the ecosystem, get to know the funding opportunities, get your startup an awesome perk, and learn why Bahrain is the perfect launchpad. We love to hear your feedback on StartUp Bahrain, don’t forget to share!


StartUp Bahrain is always on the lookout for awesome and skilled individuals to help represent the ecosystem, Bahrain, and more importantly, #TeamBahrain. Check out the questions on this page for more information on how to apply.


Take a quick glance into some of StartUp Bahrain’s finest.

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The perfect place to put your startup ideas to the test with Bahrain’s world-class accelerators and incubators.

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Looking to start in Bahrain but need support? Co-financing programs, mentoring, and grants are at your fingertips.

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For startups, more money, less problems. The growing funding options will help you take your idea to the next level.

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Communities, the perfect place for you to meet and collaborate with wonderful and talented people.

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