Why Bahrain

With startup friendly policies to a growing pool of skilled and savvy talent, StartUp Bahrain is the perfect launchpad for your startup.

Friendly for startups.

Leading in the region in doing business launching your startup, the friendliness of doing business in Bahrain only comes second to the warmth of its people!

  • Set up and form your startup online, easily and swiftly.

  • Rub shoulders with founders, incubators, accelerators, and investors.

  • Subsidize a 100% of your startup’s cloud needs from Tamkeen.

  • Save up to 25% on utility costs than average in the Gulf region.

  • Enjoy lower internet connectivity costs than any GCC country for your startup.

  • Pay lower taxes, zero corporate tax, and lower rent than all other GCC countries.

  • Own, operate, and manage 100% of your startup as a foreigner.

  • Secure an investment from the $100 million Al-Waha Capital fund of funds.

  • Enjoy up to 20% savings on your startup operating costs.

Massive potential to scale.

With a vision set for 2030, government support and a sharp digital focus, be strategically located in Bahrain to scale cost-effectively into the Gulf region.

  • Scale fast by road, sea, and air to a regional market worth an $1.5~ trillion.

  • Access 75%~ of the Saudi Arabia market through one causeway.

  • Be in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait within 1 hour by plane.

  • Grow your team from a young pool of 355 million individuals in the region.

  • Digital regional markets with high internet & mobile penetration, up to 124%~.

Leading regulatory reform.

The Island of Two Seas has always been known as the region’s hub for trade and business, and now, it’s shifting its focus to incorporate the digital world!

  • Find product-market fit in the Central Bank of Bahrain’s Regulatory Sandbox.

  • Funding through Shari’a-compliant crowdfunding options.

  • Have more certainty when handling data with the new Data Protection Law.

  • Bankruptcy laws to help your startup reorganize and remain in place.

  • Engage with forward-thinking and integrated cloud-first policies.

  • Save when starting up with low minimum capital requirements.

  • Engage in 39~ commercial activities without a physical address.

Supportive government programs.

Spearheading regional ecosystems over 300 initiatives and programs for startups and SMEs by the Government of Bahrain entities to help your startup.

  • Mentorship, funding, and more from Tamkeen, Rowad, and the Bahrain Development Bank.

  • Subsidize 50% of your startup needs, from accounting to marketing, and more.

  • Subsidized opportunities to participate in major global startup events.

  • A Minimum Viable Product scheme of up to $26,000 from Tamkeen.

  • Subsidize your team’s wages by 70%, training needs by 100%, and more.

  • A leading export platform to help you access the world and go global.

  • Join collaborative problem-solving sessions with community & government partners.

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