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Why Bahrain? Here's a bunch of reasons.

With startup friendly policies to a growing pool of skilled and savvy talent, StartUp Bahrain is the perfect launchpad for your startup.


Friendly for startups.

Leading in the region in doing business, the friendliness of doing business in Bahrain only comes second to the warmth of its people!

Set up your startup online on Sijilat, easily.

Meet founders, incubators, accelerators, and investors.

Haven for FinTech startups with Bahrain FinTech Bay.

Subsidize 100% of your cloud needs from Tamkeen.

Save 25%~ on utility costs relative to region.

Lower internet costs than region for your startup.

Lower taxes, zero corporate tax, lower rent than region.

Own & manage 100% of your startup as a foreigner.

Bahrain is a marketplace that enables entrepreneurs to experiment their ideas and test their products. It has created an ecosystem of support for startups giving them access to the right tools and talents they need to develop innovative products.

Ahmed Faraj, Lumofy

Massive potential to scale.

With a vision set for 2030, government support and a sharp digital focus, be strategically located in Bahrain to scale cost-effectively into the Gulf region.

Secure funding from Al-Waha Fund of Funds.

Access local AWS datacenters right around the corner.

Scale fast by road, sea, and air to regional markets.

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, & Kuwait, 1 hour away.

Robust Bahrain Investment Market to raise capital for growth.

Grow team from a young pool of 355m individuals in region.

Region with high internet & mobile penetration.

Enjoy 20%~ savings on operating costs.

Tamkeen unlocking new heights.

Different programs and support from Tamkeen that helps foster entrepreneurship and enabling startups to thrive in the Kingdom.

✔ Business development programs that foster growth and scale.

✔ Development programs to empower individuals with skills.

✔ Startup support programs that help turn ideas into successful businesses.

✔ Microfinance programs that increase access to financing.

✔ Program that offer aspiring entrepreneurs with unlimited support.

✔ Workforce skilling programs that builds effective human capital for startups.

✔ Women entrepreneurship programs that empower female entrepreneurs.

✔ Technology startup programs to bring tech to market easily.

“Small yet international, Bahrain represents a diverse culture, digitally literate population and an ecosystem that acts as a launchpad for startups. It’s the ideal market to build and test new concepts.” 

Emad Alkoheji, doobi

Leading regulatory reform.

The Island of Two Seas has always been known as for trade and business, now it’s shifting its focus to into the digital era with leading regulations!

Find product-market fit in the CBB’s Regulatory Sandbox.

Crowdfunding options & crypto-asset regulations.

Peace of mind with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Protect minority shareholder rights in a flexible way.

Bankruptcy laws & low minimum capital requirements.

Access to government procurement, 20% allocation for SMEs.

Engage with forward-thinking cloud-first policies.

Launch without a physical address through Sijili (Virtual CR).

An exceptional, loving lifetstyle.

In Bahrain, being friendly is not only a favorable aspect for conducting business, it is a defining characteristic of the island. Bahrainis are hospitable and laid-back, cosmopolitan, and open-minded.

A warm and welcoming culture that’s friendly, and hospitable.

A great place to live and work that’s relaxed, inclusive, and cosmopolitan.

Outward-looking attitude that’s open-minded and diverse for work.

Easy to settle in, rated as the best country in the region for work and leisure.

Rich history and culture to enjoy architecture, heritage, food, and festivals.

Wide variety of recreational activities to relax, have fun, or stay active.

Growing arts and cultural scene that is growing every day.

An exciting food scene that’s home to something for everyone.

World-class shopping and entertainment haven making it a paradise for you.

“The size of Bahrain as an island, the maturity of its regulations and ecosystem, with a well-educated population that is known to embrace new technologies, makes it the perfect launchpad for any innovative startup.”

Hamza Al-Ghatam, FACEKI

Supportive government programs.

Spearheading regional ecosystems over 300 initiatives and programs for startups and SMEs by the Government of Bahrain entities to help your startup.

Support from numerous government entities.

Subsidize 50% of your needs, from accounting to marketing.

Subsidized participation in major global startup events.

Subsidized wages by 70%, training needs by 100%, and more.

Export Bahrain, to help you go global.

Community & government effort to solve problems.