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As someone who has spent more than 15 years managing technology projects, I can attest to the importance of carefully assembling a team for success. In my experience, there are three key qualities that every team member must possess: technical competency, transparency, and reliability. Let me explain why each of these qualities is so critical.

First, technical competency is the foundation upon which a successful technology startup is built. It’s essential that each member of your team possesses the skills and expertise necessary to drive your technology forward. From software developers to security experts, each member must be knowledgeable in their respective field and able to contribute to the growth and development of your startup.

However, technical competency alone is not enough. In addition to being skilled, team members must also be transparent in their work and communication. This means being honest and upfront about their progress, any challenges they may be facing, and what they need from their colleagues to succeed. A team that operates with transparency is a team that builds trust, and trust is essential for any successful partnership.

Finally, reliability is key. You need to know that your team members will show up and deliver results, no matter what. This means that they must be dependable, accountable, and responsible for their work. You can’t afford to have team members who miss deadlines or disappear for days on end. When you’re starting a technology startup, it’s imperative that everyone is working together as a cohesive unit, with everyone doing their part to help the company succeed.

When you’re trying to assemble your team for a technology startup, it’s important to be mindful of the qualities you’re looking for in each member. Technical competency is essential, but it’s just as important to have transparency, honesty, and reliability in your team. A combination of these qualities will help ensure the success of your startup, and create a positive and productive work environment for all involved.

Go kill it out there, champ!