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If you own a private sector enterprise in Bahrain and looking for an opportunity to expand internationally, Export Bahrain wants to remind you that they are willing to do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

For those of you not aware, Export Bahrain is a stand-alone entity that empowers the Kingdom’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to promote and export their offerings in a wide range of export destinations throughout the world.

Their service is more important today than ever considering that Bahrain is undergoing a rapid economic transformation with the emergence of high-quality startups and entrepreneurs across industries and niches.

Commenting on Export Bahrain’s mission and capabilities, CEO Dr. Nasser Qaedi recently stated: “The various solutions provided by Export Bahrain are aligned with its strategy which seeks to enhance the efficiency of the export ecosystem. It goes about achieving this by facilitating operations and procedures between concerned parties and exporters, advancing opportunities to promote products in global markets and raising the capacities of exporting SMEs.”

Dr. Qaedi also elaborated how Export Bahrain helps local businesses to secure their interest while dealing in international markets. For example, he pointed out, it has a tried-and-tested mechanism that enables SMEs to competently and effectively deal with issues such as non-payments by foreign buyers.

Additionally, Bahraini exporters also enjoy the backing of a comprehensive insurance solution provided by Export Bahrain in partnership with Dhaman, the Arab Investment Guarantee, and Export Credit Corporation.

Going a step further, Export Bahrain has also forged tie-ups with several leading banks to provide export financing services to businesses that require it to expand their global footprints. As of today, the funding has a cap of BD 1 million and “subsidizes up to 70% of the annual nominal profit rate up to 9.5% and subsidizes 50% of administration fees.”

Overall, Export Bahrain is committed to nurturing an ecosystem that encourages and enhances local export activities in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.