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It is usually said, that three out of four startups are destined to fail, and failure is a big part of the startup game. But when you have a program that aims to bring out the best of a startup, the tables turn, and failure rate could reduce. This is what Rowad is aiming to do.

Through creating comprehensive programs, Rowad is on a mission to assist and empower entrepreneurs in Bahrain at any stage of their business cycle, by providing them with the best-of-the-best services, that are delivered by top-notch industry leaders and mentors.

Rowad was created by Bahrain Development Bank and is tailored to the unique needs of the Bahraini market. Any startup or aspiring entrepreneur residing in Bahrain can apply, and accelerate their business through Rowad program.

At the same time, they will receive guidance with business plan development and a wide range of support scheme services, which can vary from coaching and training to mentoring, and all the way funding. This is just a few of their services and they have much more to offer!

So let’s dive deeper into each of the services to get a better understanding of how the program works and how you can benefit from it, to kick off your business and take it to the next level!

  1. Coaching from CMI Certified Coaches: Rowad coaching focuses on enabling and empowering entrepreneurs to create successful enterprises. The program is run by a team of certified coaches who track the personal development and business progress of an entrepreneur in a unique and structured approach. Every entrepreneur needs a coach, and Rowad offers a number of them who have mentored entrepreneurs at different stages of the business cycle starting from the idea stage. These coaches include: Areije Al Shakar, Budoor Kamal, Maryam Al, Lamees Zaber and many more! All sharing the same passion and are on a mission to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses.
  2. Training in business skills: Designed to help entrepreneurs develop and enhance their skills in order to start up or scale their businesses and attract funding. Rowad provides two training programs, the first is a 15-hour program that covers all the basic tools of entrepreneurship, dubbed Entrepreneurship Orientation Program (EOP). Whereas the second program is designed to help entrepreneurs with the implementation of their business through providing specialized workshops.
  3. Mentorship from industry experts and serial entrepreneurs: Built to help all types of entrepreneurs at any stage of the business cycle. Rowad mentoring is a global program that offers virtual mentorship catering to those challenged by physical distance. You can explore a list of over 30 qualified and experienced mentors that are available within your industry or area of interest. The list includes notable names in the industry, such as: Mohammed Jaffar, who was formerly CEO of Talabat, Suhail Ghazi Algosaibi, who is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, Abdulaziz Bin Hindi, Director in A. A. Bin Hindi B.S.C and many more names! Meet more mentors here.
  4. Funding to run businesses: Rowad funding supports the growth and development of innovative projects through advisory support services and equity & debt financing. For example, Seedfuel is part of their equity funding program, where investments can reach up to BHD 25,000. Speaking of equity, angel investment opportunities are also provided in support with Tenmou. Since funding is the fuel on which a business runs, Rowad assists businesses with ongoing financing needs, but it doesn’t just stop there, as it also offers support through their Invested platform.
  5. Networking opportunities are endless: As it aims to support and assist entrepreneurs and Rowad’s clientele by introducing them to a community which is comprised of various organizations and industry professionals. These networking opportunities are always held at exclusive locations and have an original theme. For example, Rowad Majlis is one of the largest networking events that uncover details on the evolution of business and ecosystem. In addition to that, Invested has also grown lately, it is an investor education event that brings together regional and international investors operating as a catalyst in establishing an investor platform for any investor interested in startups located in Bahrain. Rowad also hosts Rowad talk, Pitched, and many more networking events that target everyone in the startup and business community. To know more about their upcoming events head over to their website or simply visit StartUp Bahrain’s events page.

So how can you apply? You can simply send an email to or visit their website to gather more information.