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Whether you’re a startup founder, an investor, an entrepreneur, an accelerator, or an incubator – literally any ecosystem job title, data is your BFF. It’s essential for you to have access data, and know how to work with it.

Apart from the endless online courses and workshops that teach you the latter (how to work with data), you’ll need a viable source to data itself. Here, Dealroom comes in handy. It’s a data provider on technology ecosystems, startups, and growth companies in Europe, AND around the world.

We listed down 5 ways your startup can make the most out of Dealroom, to help you get your A-game on. Here goes:

  1. You’ll get matched with your most suited investors.

When you’re a startup, funding is on top of your priorities list; but it’s not always easy to get, isn’t it? Through Dealroom’s ‘Matching Tool’, not only will you be able to get funding, but you’ll also be matched with investors that suit you the most. Best part is, it’s free of charge!

Only thing you need to make sure of is that your startup’s profile is up-to-date, and viola, your match is found and capital is raised!

  1. You’ll have access to the same data that Google has access to.

Like we mentioned early on, data is essential for pretty much every startup ecosystem position. Major companies like AWS, Google, Stripe, and Microsoft are current users of Dealroom, and if it’s good enough for them, it must be one heck of a platform to use! 

As investors, using Dealroom guarantees you quick and simple reach to the A-Zs of startups’ descriptions to assist you in your scouting process. This includes sectors, business models, revenue sources, launch dates, employee numbers, growth stages, firms’ evaluation, and ownerships among a plethora of other much needed data that you can find.

If you’re a startup founder, on the other hand, prepare to be amazed by this number: +99,680. You know what it is referring to? The number of currently available investment funds, corporate investors, and angels. Just think of all the visibility you’ll get — and with the Matching Tool, it’ll be a match made in heaven. Well, in Dealroom in this case.

  1. You’ll get to find, see, and hire people for job vacancies.

Dealroom has a jobs tool, one that enables you to check out vacancies, and to better understand what other companies are offering.

We know what you’re thinking: What does hiring have to do with data? Why would we use it and not any other platform? To answer your questions, let’s start off by saying that this is just one of many awesome available tools on the platform, not its core functionality; meaning you’ll get to benefit from MUCH more ecosystem tools.

You can use the jobs tool to find a job within a startup or company that suits you, depending on your selected location, job type, market, and company size.

Moreover, the tool is relevant to your data analytics in this specific regard: you get to see which companies are hiring as growth signals. You can make a query and check out how many job opportunities those companies are offering. 

  1. You’ll unlock advanced insights with easy-to-use investment heatmaps. 

Sometimes, a little visualization helps to get a better understanding of everything, including investment data. Through Dealroom, you can customize your own data by using the investment heatmap tool. In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept of an investment heatmap: it’s quite literally a map that highlights areas around the world where investments happened/are happening – in accordance with metrics you set.

You can use filters to switch between annually, quarterly, or monthly intervals — in addition to between the amounts or number of rounds.

Still unclear on what this means? Here’s an example right from Dealroom’s website: Say you’re interested in knowing which sectors received the most European, but not UK funding, excluding mega-rounds, since 2015 (specificity is key).

Using the investment heatmap tool, go for the following steps:

  1. Select your ‘source of funds’ from the Location dropdown as ‘Europe.’
  2. Next, from dropdown, select ‘UK’, hover around it, and click on the ‘exclude’ button.
  3. Last, click on the ‘Advanced’ filters button followed by the ‘Round’ tab, in the ‘Round Size’ button, enter 250 as the minimum amount, then click apply. Hover over the ‘Round Size’ button and click on exclude.

And you’re good to go!

  1. It’ll help you reach European audiences. 

Maybe expansion is up in your mind, maybe Europe is your next destination. In general, to expand anywhere in the world, you need to have visibility on the market. 

Being on the Dealroom platform, you’ll get the chance to be featured, and get access to the following numbers: 

  • 25M impressions frequently reached on news headlines.
  • 500K+ social media impressions from viral posts.
  • 100K+ monthly unique users on Dealroom platform.

Phew! Aaand there’s more. 30K subscribers to the Dealroom newsletter.

These are just 5 among various more ways your startup can make use of Dealroom, wherever you are in the world. Got any questions? Share with us on our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.