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We’re about 6 months into the pandemic, and throughout the entire past period, we’ve come to see the full potential of every startup, accelerator, incubator, and entrepreneur with the challenges the pandemic imposed.

Bahrain Fashion Incubator (BFI) are no exception to this, as they managed to graduate their Dilmun Star Program (pre-incubation) students in a regional first Digital Fashion Demo Day, which you can check out over here.

Throughout the Demo Day, BFI graduates presented the designs of their unique innovations and totally wowed us as to how far they can go. Not just ‘in spite’ of the pandemic, but because of it, rocking tech in fashion and showcasing how they pivoted.

Here are 6 awesome innovations by Bahrain Fashion Incubator’s graduates that will leave you impressed:

  1. A garment with a chargeable pocket for phones, by Asma Al-Najdi.

Don’t you hate it when you’re out and about, taking selfies in your best outfit, only for your phone to run out of charge? Dilmun Star graduate Asma Al-Najdi’s awesome innovation will pretty much be your favorite; as her designed garments include a pocket that charges mobile phones with the use of solar panels. It works by having the panels convert solar energy into electricity that is then stored in the phone adaptor that’s placed in the pocket and attached to a charger. Just put your phone in your pocket, and viola, charged!

  1. Modest swimsuit to help those who can’t swim, by Elham Shamsan

Sometimes, you just feel like diving into a pool and go swimming…which can be pretty tough if you can’t actually swim. Elham Shamsan did you a solid, and she worked on a prototype of a swimsuit dedicated to women who cannot swim and even helps them practice without the dread of needing a heavy life jacket. What’s pretty cool about the swimsuit is that it can be controlled to be filled with air, thus helping the woman who’s wearing it float. 

PS. The swimsuit can bear up to a weight of 90 kg!

  1. UV Light sanitizer handbag to terminate viruses and germs, by Masooma Yusuf.

It’s needless to say that the pandemic did a number on a lot of things, including how we go on about our day-to-day lives, and what we use for the sustainability of that life. One thing we were certainly more serious about, is sanitization.

What Masooma Yusuf did to solve a challenging aspect of sanitizing is sanitizing the insides of your purse. She designed a handbag with a UV Light sanitizer technique that kills viruses and germs. Wallets, phones, cards; you name it! BFI is currently working with Masooma to get the patent for this life-enhancing innovation.

  1. Jacket with an embedded heating and massaging system for your back and shoulders, by Tahera Ahmed.

Time to bid adieu for your back, neck, and shoulder aches with Tahera Ahmed’s groundbreaking design! Aimed specifically to help office-workers and stay-at-home mothers, her design is a jacket with an embedded heating and massaging system. You can do your work (of whichever nature, at home or at the office) and not feel like you’re gradually turning into the hunchback of Bahrain.

  1. Kids garment that comes with a trackable belt, also by Tahera Ahmed.

Looks like Tahera has a knack for solving problems, because her second innovation will make mothers all over the world (let’s start with Bahrain) more than happy. She designed a kids garment that comes with a trackable belt to help with the issue of children getting lost in big crowds and public spaces. Guaranteeing your child’s safety, and giving them an added bonus of looking extra chic.

  1. Garments with scannable QR codes by Zahra Adnan.

To support the art of storytelling, Zahra Adnan made garments with QR codes which you can scan, then it takes you to the website showing the story of the entire collection. Zahra intends to develop the idea further to provide solutions for customers, such as the case of a customer looking specifically for eco-friendly fashion; they can scan the QR code and get all the needed info on how the garment was created.

We know exactly what you’re thinking, and we want ALL of those designs too! Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms to check out more coverage of Bahrain Fashion Incubator’s latest updates and announcements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.