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Education is the pillar of development, which is why it’s been consistent in Bahrain despite the recent COVID-19 outbreak, utilizing many sources to the continuity of education, including using Bahrain’s National TV Channel to broadcast lessons. Pretty cool!

Bahrain’s telecoms have also been rock-solid with their support, with Zain Bahrain, Batelco, and stc Bahrain offering free data usage for students to ensure access for everyone.

We at StartUp Bahrain also wanted to provide help when it comes to online learning, which is why we compiled you a list of 7 tools that’ll help in facilitating it. Continue reading below!

School teachers, administrators, and even parents would be happy to know that this Bahraini (yes Bahraini) startup is offering its valuable services, free of charge! Spring is a school communication platform that allows all concerned parties (teachers, principles, school admin, and parents) to connect in one place! It also helps teachers in creating classes and adding their students’ registry! 

Okay, Google doesn’t need an introduction. But have you heard of Google Classroom? It’s a tool designed to make your learning experience a lot smoother. Especially when it comes to sharing files, papers, and assignments between teachers and students. Google Classroom has quite a lot of features, including allowing teachers to co-teach with up to 20 other instructors, managing multiple classes, and adding students with codes. Easy peasy! 

More than 90 million users all around the world use Moodle, and we think you should be user 90 million and 1! It’s a free platform designed to support both teaching and learning, integrating more than 120 languages to ensure equal learning opportunities for everyone. How does it work? As a teacher, you’ll be able to set up your courses, add students, group them, and track their progress, as well as upload files.

Reward systems are arguably one of the most effective ways to encourage learning, which is why ClassDojo comes highly recommended. It’s a communication application and website specifically for primary school teachers and their students and families. One of its cool features is that it rewards students with points, motivating them to learn and welcoming a little healthy competition to win prizes given by the teachers eventually. An added cool feature would be its feed for pics and vids sharing progress, and translatable messaging to more than 35 languages!

Who says learning has to be boring? With Kahoot! You get the best of both worlds! It’s an ed-tech platform that utilizes games in the process of learning. It’s games are called “Kahoots,” in which teachers can customize their multiple-choice quizzes for their students to access either through the app or website. Fun, fun, fun!

As a student, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to keep track of your tasks. That’s why Edmodo is great for you; it can function as a virtual class folder and planner! But what’s Edmodo? It’s a platform that connects K-12 students and teachers to share and exchange materials, take quizzes and assignments, along with many other features. 

As its name suggests, Quizlet is a mobile app and website that allows learning to take the form of games and quizzes. Students get to study using virtual flashcards for subjects from Languages, to Math, to Social Sciences, Art and Humanities, and a whole lot more. Teachers, on the other hand, can benefit from using it remotely to create a more interactive and engaging environment for students.

We hope you found this list helpful, and that your learning journey is constant and undisrupted. Have any other tools in mind? Let us know on our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!