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Are you a recent graduate dreading the unemployment phase? How do you go about finding a job that you actually care about, that you enjoy doing—and find a team where you fit in? Or are you a startup within the StartUp Bahrain community looking to invest in Bahrainis and provide them with valuable experience to improve their career options and build their CVs? Well, Majra is a Bahraini-led startup co-founded by Mahmood Zeyad with the aim of reducing youth unemployment.

Zeyad explains, “Iʼm a 24-year-old business management graduate whoʼs extremely passionate about helping people do stuff they actually care about for a living. This is one of the reasons my co-founder Najma Ghuloom and I decided to launch Majra, a portal for young people to find jobs and places that actually suit them.”

By nature, millennials tend to be picky about the jobs they put themselves into, and startups and large corporations are struggling to find and retain millennials who care about what theyʼre trying to do. Majra allows you to create your own profile and add your educational background, work experiences, hobbies, and more. After creating your profile, you will be given a range of companies with job postings you can apply to. The best part of all is that you can actually view a company’s profile, explore their culture, and see for yourself whether you fit in with their environment.

Majra’s “workplaces” page gives job seekers insight about what the experience of working for a particular company is like, along with information about their mission and team. It serves as a virtual door to their office, allowing young people to see if they fit in. If they do, all they need to do is apply—or follow the company to stay connected with their vacancies.

For companies, Majra serves as a filter that narrows down the number of people who directly connect with their core mission and culture, thereby reducing the time and effort required to skim through a huge number of CVs. This makes it possible to focus on job seekers who are actually interested in what the company has to offer.

If you’re a job seeker or employer on the lookout for creative, dedicated Bahrainis, Majra is your go-to. All you have to do is sign up here!