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Your stomach gets tied up in knots, your heart is racing, and your mind starts wondering about that big presentation and you ask yourself, “Will I make a fool of myself?” or “What will others think of me?”. Don’t stress anymore! Because with GLARE you can bid your fear of public speaking farewell thanks to the CEO Malik Jehangir, and his team; Professor Diane Prieur from the University of Bahrain and Co-Founders Muhammad Hamza Zubair and Ali Mohammed.

GLARE is an app that aids in enhancing your public speaking skills by letting you practice in front of a VR simulation of a real audience with various scenes. Glare also measures your pace and ensure your time yourself well. In fact, you can practice as much as you want without the need of forcing your family or friends to hear you rehearse repeatedly!

Malik Jehangur mentioned that the motives behind introducing GLARE were due to his friend; Hamza’s unfortunate experience with his interview. Hamza was nervous and lacked confidence, which resulted in the failure of his interview. But Hamza is not alone, Malik also mentioned that a survey his team carried out in the GCC resulted that 66% of people have a fear of public speaking.

The team faced a major obstacle that is bringing a real audience at your fingertips but with the help of research and determination, they succeeded. Having said that, Malik Jehangur and his team took GLARE to a whole new level by participating in the Seedstars competition and despite the challenges they faced by competing with GCC’s brilliant startups they proudly landed a spot in 3rd place.

The experience at Seedstars also exposed GLARE to investors that were interested in the team’s concept, proving its potential for growth. Malik Jehangur and his team are certain that GLARE will aid in improving your presentation skills and cut down your anxiety levels.

Ace your next presentation with GLARE by accessing the app through Google Play.

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