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Are you tired of always going to coffee shops to do your work? It can get pretty frustrating when you can’t find a place to sit, that’s for sure. Sitting at home is not a great alternative either!

Well, that’s what co-working spaces are for! It’s a place where you can go, sit down at a desk, and work amongst like-minded people in a creative atmosphere! Think of it this way; It’s like an office-style environment but with more flexibility, more opportunities to learn and exchange ideas with others and most importantly, working with fun!

Whether you are a social creative entrepreneur looking for a working space for your startup or a social butterfly looking for like-minded individuals, then Space 340 is for you! Launched by Co-Founders Salman Mattar and Abdulrahman Alsayed, Space 340 is a creative think tank that aims to find solutions through innovation and design. And we’re bringing you exclusive insights on Space 340!

The name says it all! Space 340 is a co-working space and community work-hub that brings together creative and social individuals. With its strategic location in the heart of the Kingdom, the Diplomatic Area, Manama, Space 340 offers the important elements of an ideal diverse, creative, and fun entrepreneurial community!

But what were the motives behind Space 340? With the noticed increase of startups in Bahrain, there was a big opportunity to launch Space 340.

According to Salman, “We’ve noticed the amount of people that visit and sit in coffee shops for hours to work, and conduct meetings, so we thought of creating a dedicated space that would cater to such customers and provide them with the professionalism, exclusivity, and comfort away from all the noise and busyness of public spaces.”.

Space 340 strives to offer startups with the best possible solution to help flourish their businesses, help them communicate and network with like-minded people with affordable prices! But mainly focused to enhance and build a robust networking hub that allows startups to benefit from.

Here’s a quick fun fact! There are currently more than 1,100 co-working spaces worldwide! And The co-working movement has roughly doubled in size each year since 2006.

You are probably wondering, how challenging is it to set up a co-working space? The masterminds behind Space 340 mentioned that the biggest challenge they faced was positioning themselves apart from incubators, accelerators and business centers;

This sure sounds like an issue to Space 340, but they are well equipped to tackle it! According to Salman, “The way we are dealing with this is by inviting people over and explaining to them how we differ from the above-mentioned services”. He added, “We emphasize that we are a community-based workspace that focuses on teamwork and networking.”.

Space 340 welcomes anyone with open arms, there are no specific criteria, whether you want to network, study, play or work, the place is right for you. Get your membership with exclusive packages to choose from. You can either get the basic package for only BD 30/ month! Or the Premium package, for BD 60/ month. If you want to learn more about the different packages, head over here.

Space 340 also plans to have more exciting things for you! Keep a lookout for all their upcoming seminars, workshops, and leisure events by following their Instagram page at @space340 to learn more!

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