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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with an amazing business idea? Are you ready to discover uncharted waters? Then join us at the My Startup Bootcamp, hosted by YoStartups and CH9.

The My Startup Bootcamp invites solo and team players to experience a world of veteran business owners and thought leaders. The program will guide you the way in creating your own business!

Don’t worry; you’re not going to be doing 100 push-ups and sit-ups, it’s more of a mental preparation to start your own business!

  • The bootcamp will cover the myths about being a business owner
  • Receive support, motivation and inspiration to work towards the final vision
  • Learn more about different customers and how to target them
  • Create a strong selling point by outlining your business model and identifying the income flow
  • Take your product/service to the next level and most importantly
  • Learn how to pitch to clients and investors

Let’s not do all the talking; we have attendees sharing their views on the previous edition of My Startup Bootcamp!

  1. Sara Khonji stated, “I am an I.T student and, I developed this Smart Mirror with my technical knowledge, but I don’t have any business background. Coming to this 2-day Bootcamp has taught me a lot. I have learned more about how to better understand my customer segments and how to commercialize my idea into a money making product.”.
  2. Saleh Alnashwan said, “One word I would say is ‘Amazing’. The best thing I learned here is how to make the thinking process more structured and how to challenge some of the ideas you have in mind, your business model and how to approach for investments. My background is very much on private equity investments, but despite that, I learned so much more over the last two days.”.

The My Startup Bootcamp is a 3-day workshop hosted by YoStartups and CH9, that will take place on April 28 – April 30 at CH9 and registration is still open!

Don’t miss this golden opportunity of making your dream business come true, go ahead and register here.

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