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As originally published on Startup MGZN.

Every once in a while, there comes a new startup on the block that truly disrupts the ecosystem, while many others simply try to make it only to find out just how difficult it is to stand out the way Lumofy has and continues to do so. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you must have certainly not been keeping up with the rising stars of the year and we’re here to help!

Lumofy has been steadily growing since its launch in 2020 by its founder, Ahmed Faraj, Co-Founder Mahmood Malik and their great team to navigate the path of scaling up with the intention of addressing the market gap in order to supply the necessary skill sets needed to help companies achieve their objectives. They recently shot into stardom with their appearance and participation in Hope Ventures’, the investment arm of Hope Fund, entrepreneurial reality television show that parallels the infamous Shark Tank, Beban.

First of all, what is Lumofy?

An integrated Learning Experience platform, Lumofy assists businesses in identifying, curating, utilizing, and monitoring their human capital competencies by providing them with automated and tailored-fit learning experiences that prove learning simply is a competitive edge.

We caught up with Ahmed Faraj and asked him to describe Lumofy in a few choice words that sum up their operation and he settled on four: Map, Assess, Learn and Measure. “What we provide is simply a full cycle of shaping talent’s capability, connecting all the L&D dots to create the journey that scales people’s competencies behaviorally, cognitively, and technically.” Sounds easy! So, what’s next?

Why Lumofy?  

Well, Lumofy has set itself apart from other platforms by using a competency-based methodology that automates what learners require in their job role; be it behaviorally, cognitively, or even technically, as well as enabling them with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities they need to acquire to better fulfill their part.

Some of the services the platform provides to enhance the learning experience and increase the competency of employees are:

  • Unlocking learners’ potentials with a personalized competency-based learning experience platform.
  • Assessment of talents to identify, attract, and measure top talents with scientific evaluations to generate actionable insights.
  • Content digitization to enhance organizations’ visibility and efficiency by transforming their existing learning content into a digital interactive format.

The spirit of passion and purpose within the startup is palpable, almost tangible, in the way the founder speaks of their vision. “We’re focused on empowering people’s capabilities by crafting a clear roadmap toward competence. As a result, we embrace new opportunities with curiosity while celebrating achievements with more grit.”

It’s easy to discern that nothing is going to stop Lumofy from becoming a world-leading platform in their field, but what steps are they taking to achieve that goal, and turn an expectation into a reality? “Users First is the foundation for both our strategy and tactics.” Ahmed revealed, “as a strategy, we understand that our users are sophisticated and tend to understand exactly what’s holding their business back. Therefore, there’s no need to dazzle them with unnecessary products.

As for a tactic, it is a mission-critical infrastructure for our customers. The businesses currently utilizing or on the brink of choosing Lumofy are agreeing to see a positive change in their employees’ behavior, influencing their careers by learning and sharing knowledge, providing mentorship and feedback, as well as performing a variety of other functions that must be executed exceptionally.” Well said, we simply can’t stop gushing about how well their passion and eloquence mesh together! 

Lumofy thinks big, and goes big!

Of course, we had to bring up Lumofy’s participation in the entrepreneurial reality hit show, Beban, and securing a massive win of $500,000 SEED round! “The program raised the bar higher,” Ahmed shared, “We are at the root of elevation and on the path to achieve more by constantly and consistently doing better.”

With all that said and done, there is room to confer about the future of Lumofy. With just a quick scroll through their recent achievements, be it receiving recognition as one of the top 50 Mena EdTech startups of 2021 by HolonIQ or partnering up with OpenSesame, an industry-leading provider of e-learning courses, the path of success for them seems to only go higher.

“We are aiming to operate in three main different regions, EMEA and the far east. The product will evolve into different verticals enabling companies, governments, and institutions.” Ahmed stated, “we strongly believe that in five years, Lumofy will be hitting the milestones necessary to being a unicorn business.” Did anyone else get chills? We’re certainly on our tiptoes awaiting what they do next!

For a very passionate and team-oriented startup with strong values, we couldn’t possibly think of better people to ask for advice to pass on to aspiring entrepreneurs in the making! (Are we surprised that they delivered?) “We entrepreneurs should all comply with good intentions, determination, and persistence.”

That’s Lumofy for you; the ultimate bridge to align between your business’ objectives and the skill sets required to reach them! Let us know what you think, get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!