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Othman is a Senior Officer in the Development Team of a Bank, as well as a graduate of computer science. and according to him, the idea of creating the Kashtah application came to him during one summer, in which he “tried to book a number of swimming pools” however, stumbled upon a roadblock in which he found “great difficulty in finding the available periods and arranging the date with friends. The goal was to make all this effort in just 3 steps through the application”. And that, he sure did!

The concept of the application eases the process of booking swimming pools in Bahrain, solving the issue of having to contact various owners of different facilities that are up for rent, as well as coordinating the time and date suitable for both parties, in which the space is available and then when the customer requires it. It’s a solution that benefits the end-user as much as it eases the lives of both them and the owners of pools around the island, summarizing an entire day’s effort in a few clicks.

When it comes to the acquisition, according to Othman, it happened at a very fast pace and was not expected, highlighting that the main purpose behind it was to “see the application grow and expand”, with an aim to extend its reach both in the technical sense as well as geographically, hence establishing itself locally and regionally.

So, what is next for Othman Janahi? Well, he shares that his “next step will be a bold and big” one, adding that this is just “the beginning of a story of achievements”, with the hope of implementing his next move with a broader view in mind, having had learned a lot through this experience.

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