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Do you know which question people in the first world ask themselves on an everyday basis? “ Where do we eat from?“. Now, Imagine having to deal with feeding other people as well! Bear in mind that we’re expected to remember birthdays, or that we agreed to have our cousins come over on a Thursday night when all that the heart truly desired was to sleep and watch friends on repeat.

Event planning on its own is a tedious task, especially when you’re anxious about what to serve your guests, regardless of the size of your occasion or budget, you’re advised to worry no more, for there is a savior!

They may not drape themselves with a cape or have a mighty sword, but, with a chef’s hat and a willingness to satisfy, “Akalati” is here for the rescue.

Akalati is a Bahraini tech-startup that operates as a catering service in the form of a mobile application and website that came to life through the collaboration of Abdullah Al-Radhi, and a set of firm believers along with Tamkeen’s support, all of which intend on carrying this app into the realms of success, their business? It is but to serve the people with “customizable options” that fulfill their food and beverage needs.”

All the while being a platform for other businesses to expand their growth potential by designing an application that accepts orders from “normal food delivery all the way to complex catering orders” for a variety of events.

Whether it’s a family gathering, movie night or a Thursday morning at work, Akalati is adamant when it comes to providing services such as catering, parcels curated for those on the go and based on the event’s specific needs, a menu channel that beholds individual needs or meal plans that keep your hunger satisfied throughout the week.

With options ranging from baked goods, grills, international and local cuisine, the Akalati application aims to not only please your cravings but also meet your event requirements, which could be anything from a wedding to a baby reception!

Now , Let’s focus on what matters most, who is inviting us to their next barbeque party? We promise to bring in a healthy appetite!

For more information regarding Akalati, you can visit their website on or download their mobile application from the App Store or Google Play.

Also make sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and Youtube.