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What can’t you get online? Nowadays, we have applications to feed, clothe and drive you around! And that’s just naming a few services available from a wide range of activities that can be purchased, acquired or derived from the internet.

As our lives become more digitized than ever before, our needs tend to follow suit, and with portals that lead to banking all the way to beauty products, an introduction of medtech and health-tech applications is not only imminent, in a way, it’s long overdue.

Weyak is a Bahraini medtech-startup; it serves as a virtual portal that aims to fulfill a user’s healthcare needs, initially with the goal of securing and providing medication through the application and delivering it to its users. The app itself contains an interface that allows patients to select the pharmaceuticals they require or is recommended to them, place an order and have it transported to them.

However, when it comes to broadening their services, Weyak has its eyes set towards expanding their future services to include connecting patients with medical professionals by allowing them to book appointments with doctors and clinics and streamlining their whole experience without further complications.

Inspired by the origin of the Arabic word “Weyak”, which translates to “With You”, or better yet, like its founder Ahmed M. Elsayed refers to it “alongside you”, encapsulating the message he’s trying to spread to patients which is “you are not alone in your therapy trip,we thought about you, we care about you and we’re alongside you. We are weyak.”

The services provided by Weyak go beyond just delivering pharmaceuticals, they also aim to give patients the option of a private consultation in regards of their medicine(s), dosage, side effects, as well as a “new medicine service”, in which patients receive support and advice when it comes to new medicine administered to fit their needs.

Additionally, the application is curated by a team of caregivers that promise to be available whenever needed, provide all types of medication, track its availability while adhering to high standards of quality and safety.

Elsayed’s business is a startup that enrolled in C5’s Cloud 10 Scalerator, enlisting emotional support, investor access and skills development as primary reasons behind this decision, describing the process of operating a startup to be “challenging and lonely” if it wasn’t for an accelerator present to mentor, guide, and support entrepreneurs .”

Stay tuned and on the lookout for the official launch of the application by the end of this Month!

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