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If you’re looking for an exciting entrepreneurial reality show, then Beban is a must-watch! The latest season of the show featured a diverse group of entrepreneurs across all sectors, some seasoned in their field and others new to the ecosystem, all hoping to secure investment. After months of intense bootcamp where the contestants practiced honing their most essential skills needed to succeed in the business world to pitching in front of a panel of investors, these founders went through it all! Let’s take a closer look at what made the second season so fun and exciting.

In a high-stakes pitching, the opportunity to present your ideas clearly and succinctly must be difficult, but not impossible, and the participants exceeded expectations by showcasing all the hard work they’ve put in their startups, to secure not only funding but mentorship too. You don’t walk out empty-handed from Beban, you’re guaranteed to gain knowledge, connections and insight from industry experts. For many founders, the show was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as Mr. Ali Dhaif, Founder and CEO of Parcel, put it. 

“Participating in Beban was an intense and transformative experience for me as an entrepreneur. The program pushed me to my limits and gave me the opportunity to work closely with mentors and pitch to investors, which helped me refine my business strategy and gain valuable feedback.” Dhaif shared, “The knowledge and experience gained through this program have been instrumental in the growth of my business, and I am grateful for the opportunity.” 

Parcel, Bahrain-based logistics solution that connects businesses with freelance drivers for on-demand delivery services, raised $1 million through the eighth episode of Beban in a co-investment round led by Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund.

Another participant, Ali Haji, Co-Founder and Director of OrderJet, shared how their experience within the program was a turning point for the business, stating: “The guidance and support we received was phenomenal and because of it, we were able to prepare ourselves for scaling up and attracting investors.”

Mr. Haji added: “Over the course of a few months, we underwent several types of training, one-on-one mentorship, and preparation in every area needed. This included valuation methods, financials, pitch practice, and more. All this helped us to be in our best shape in front of investors. Plus, participating in the TV show was an amazing experience for us and allowed more people to learn about OrderJet.”

OrderJet, a Bahrain-based app co-founded by Ali Haji and Yusuf Almahmood, aims to digitize restaurant operations through the provision of QR code services, pick-ups, and bring-to-car services, raised USD 125k through the second episode of Beban from Hope Ventures and a Saudi angel investor, Dr. Abdulelah Algosaibi.

And it’s not just the contestants who are raving about the show. The judges and mentors of Beban are some of the most respected names in the business world across the GCC, and they take their role very seriously. The panel of investors changed every episode but a notable, repeated figure throughout both seasons was none other than Mashael Fairooz, founding partner of JEO Capital headquartered in Bahrain, who reflected positively on her experience in the program.

She said, “The Beban show has been instrumental in the recognition of the GCC startup ecosystem, showcasing the high benchmark of unique and scalable businesses we have in the region, which has led to an increased drive of public knowledge for co-investments, finance, and business.”

 Miss Fairooz further added: “Beban’s mission to invest in local entrepreneurs and encourage the local start-up scene aligns with JEO Capital’s values and so, it has been a great delight to participate on the investor panel for both seasons. I’ve been working with the founding teams of Lumofy, Hena Work, L7 & Herbal Dose, and the professionalism, drive, and commitment that their founders bring into the business is not only inspiring, but a significant propelling factor in their growth journey.” 

Applications for season 3 have been extended online to May 7th so you can apply now by clicking here or sending an email to We’re super excited to see what the new season will bring and meet the new batch of innovative entrepreneurs in the ecosystem as we see them take strides toward success and making monumental change. As for us, do tell what you think about this article by getting in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!