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If your startup needs funding, coaching, legal support or mentoring, and you’re not sure where to turn, you may feel overwhelmed. However, one of the best ways to advance your startup and find these perks is through the accelerator next door!

You’re in luck because, with Flat6Labs Bahrain, your startup will be taken to the next level! Launched in October 2011, by the founders of Sawari Ventures, Flat6Labs has grown to become the MENA region’s leading startup accelerator and seed stage venture capital investor. Flat6Labs is being led by Ramez El-Serafy and a team of over 30 individuals, with locations based across six countries in the MENA region (Cairo, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, Tunisia, Beirut and finally Bahrain).

In case you’re wondering, Flat6Labs Bahrain offers entrepreneurs a suite of services and much more to help them reach market-ready products and services in the shortest possible timeframe like;

  1. Seed funding Whether it’s to develop your next prototype or marketing your big product launch, a helping hand of seed funding is essential. Selected startups for Flat6Labs’ accelerator program will also benefit from an initial seed fund of up to $32K.
  2. World-class mentorship – Learn from a wealth of experience, save precious time and money by accessing a talented network of 300 mentors for tips! Startups within the accelerator program will receive training & coaching from seasoned trainers and partners.
  3. Office space – During the cycle, Flat6Labs Bahrain will offer a working space for entrepreneurs with no charges.
  4. Legal support – Running a startup, you will be going through legal matters and Flat6Labs Bahrain has got your back since they offer advice and legal support to entrepreneurs.
  5. Media and PR coverage – Now who does not want to be in the spotlight? We all know how much marketing expenses could hurt your wallet, that’s why Flat6Labs Bahrain will support you with media and PR coverage while you focus more on running your startup and getting your products and services out there.

Which startups are eligible to get these perks you ask? According to Mr. Ramez, Flat6Labs invests in innovation and tech-driven startups which have a high growth potential that covers multiple industries as well as a dedicated team with the right mix of technical/ business talent is a must.

“We chose Bahrain to be our sixth location as it has several key advantages for local and international startups that make it an ideal hub due to; access to highly skilled workforce, zero corporate or individual income tax, a proactive government that supports the startup community, low cost of living and a diverse, open and friendly society.” He added.

“Flat6Labs Bahrain will support and invest in more than 40 local and international startups and entrepreneurs over the next three years, our aim is to foster a dynamic and sustainable entrepreneurship environment and investment vehicle, support job creation, alleviate the pressure of the public sector and help position Bahrain as an innovation leader in the Arabian Gulf region and MENA at large.” Said Mr.Ramez.

The first cycle has already kicked off to a great start with over 150 applications by the April 30th deadline, applications for the second cycle are expected to start in early July. Flat6Labs also plan to host events supporting the startup ecosystem in collaboration with its partners, to stay updated on all their events and accelerator cycles follow them on their social media channels on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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