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CH9 is one of the leading business accelerators in Bahrain. The brainchild of Mohammed Al Tawash, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures, CH9 is located in the Amwaj Islands and aims to speed up the development of the SME sector in the Kingdom while highlighting Bahrain as the startup hub of the region. CH9 hosted the Seedstars Summit in November 2016 and the Seedstars GCC in September 2017, an exciting regional startup pitch events.

So, what are some of CH9’s exclusive services to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders?

  1. Office space: As a business incubator and accelerator, CH9 offers 24/7 access to workspaces with a variety of benefits, including fiber-optic Wi-Fi, CH9 printing facilities, and access to conference rooms. For a startup in Bahrain, having a virtual address is important—not only to help you save money on otherwise costly locations, but for your CR process, as well.
  2. Mentorship: Anyone with a business idea can seek mentorship opportunities, all of which are open to Bahrainis free of charge. Mentorship has been proven to be a major weapon of success. Mentors include Trey Goede from Aramco Entrepreneurship Ventures, Abdulrahim Fakhroo from SMEs Society Bahrain, and Dr. Nazar Al Baharna. There’s also a wide network of mentors in Saudi, Jordan, and Geneva who will lend their expertise and knowledge in helping your business grow.
  3. Business consultations: Business owners who want to address and solve their business problems can seek CH9’s consultations in the fields of marketing, business development, sales, etc. Like mentors, business consultants are experienced professionals who are trained to diagnose and provide feedback on your product, market, and team. They offer tremendous proficiency, as well as relationships to ensure your success. The incubator is also open to helping anyone with a business idea.
  4. Cloud solutions: As part of their recent partnership with CH9, Microsoft will develop cloud solutions for startups less than five years old. If you’re a startup that needs storage solutions online, cloud technology may be right for you. Specifically, a cloud service platform like Microsoft Azure or BizSpark can be a flexible, low-cost IT solution.

With a range of accessible and beneficial services, business owners are encouraged to make use of CH9’s resources.

CH9 is there to help young Bahraini entrepreneurs. “We don’t turn them down,” CH9’s Executive Director Maryam Alsaegh says. Want to get involved with what CH9 has to offer? Check out their website now, or contact Maryam at