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Just like in most parts of the world, developing a well-rounded fitness regime has become one of the most common new year resolutions in Bahrain as well. Unfortunately, however, today’s fast-paced, yet sedentary lifestyle has made it increasingly challenging for most people to stay true to that commitment for long. 

Many eventually give up on their workout plans and dietary regime within just a few weeks, if not days. 

This is where a smartly designed fitness-specific tool such as Malaeb App or Evergo can make a world of difference. The following is a rundown of four fast-growing Bahraini startups that have made it their mission to help you stay fit and healthy using technology. 

Malaeb App

If you are passionate about football, Malaeb App is one app that can help you build an effective and fun fitness regime. Most people who give up on their workout plans usually do so because they can not mustur enough motivation and willpower to hit the gym regularly or wake up early in the morning for those much-needed cardio. 

Malaeb changes that by giving you a practical and affordable way to build your fitness by playing football. The app allows you to find and book fields to practice football everyday with friends or like-minded individuals from the neighborhood. You can even join matches in your area. 

Football is a physically-demanding sport that has several health benefits including (but not limited to):

  • Boosting aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health. 
  • Enhancing muscle tone and reducing body fat. 
  • Building strength and endurance. 
  • Boosting muscle and bone strength. 

In many ways, the Malaeb App is a game changer for thousands of football fans and fitness enthusiasts across Bahrain considering that before its launch, it was incredibly difficult to have enough people to get a match started or to find an ideal space in your city to even practice.


Tamarran describes itself as your go-to destination for sport venues, activities, and events. The platform is a perfect alternative for anybody who does not feel like going to the gym and would rather book a virtual class and train with an experienced trainer right from the convenience of their home.

No doubt, the popularity of the Tamarran app has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown.

It is a subscription-based app that offers you four membership options starting from a one-time-fee of $50. With approximately 60,000 bookings each month, the app comes loaded with numerous features that make out your workout sessions fun and rewarding.


Evergo is another one-stop destination to plan and track all your workout sessions, as well as other activities. Simply put, this is an app designed to make your life simpler and efficient on multiple fronts.

It allows you to browse through various businesses to compare their services, location, pricing etc. The user-interface is customizable, which enables you to explore and discover exactly what you’re looking for at any given time.

Be it online workout sessions, medical appointment, grooming sessions including salon and spa, or even finding the best vet clinics and shops in your neighborhood — Evergo has a solution to all your everyday commitments.

Kashta Tours

Just like Evergo, Kashta Tours is another popular app that not only helps you stay fit, but it also focuses on giving you plenty of neatly-priced resources to indulge your other hobbies and passions. 

Want to burn those extra calories through cycling? Kashta arranges cycling tours and competitions across several attractive routes within the Kingdom where you can share your passion with fellow cyclists from all over the country. New to cycling? No worries, Kashta also offers training sessions for beginners.

Besides that, the app also offers horse-riding sessions, dive vision sea trips, and many other services.

In conclusion, with 2021 just a few weeks away, maybe it’s high time you started planning to start the new year with a fun, practical, and rewarding fitness regime using these easily accessible resources.

Keep in mind, though, it’s perfectly acceptable if you can not adhere to your new year commitment each day, every day. Don’t beat yourself up over temporary setbacks and keep your focus on the long-term objective of improving your health and fitness — both physical and emotional. 

And as always, if you would like to read more about similar platforms that could help you lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life, do not hesitate to reach out to StartUp Bahrain using any of our social media channels over at  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln