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There’s a famous Greek proverb that’s translated into English as “Necessity is the mother of invention”. It’s also quite popular in our cultures, and it strongly applies to our current times, especially relating it to the global pandemic.

Bahrain has been praised for its efforts to combat the pandemic, and it’s safe to say that all pillars of the country’s community have been proactive when it comes to making a digital shift to maintain safety as well as ensure continuity.

Bahrain’s startup ecosystem is no exception. In fact, not only have some non-tech startups pivoted, but tech startups themselves took things to the next level. Today, we share the story of a beautiful Bahraini invention that came out of necessity. It’s free, it’s for everyone, and more importantly, it’s a collaborative effort: Bahrain Resource Hub.

What is Bahrain Resource Hub?

It’s a non-profit, community-driven initiative that serves as a platform to connect impacted startups and businesses with more fortunate ones who can, and want to help by sharing their resources. 

How does it work?

Since it’s a connecting platform, you sign up, for free, either as a provider or to request. It’s a straightforward process, and it goes like this: Visit the website here, and register in the homepage.

  • If you’re offering: You can immediately post your free resources such as vehicles not in use, empty space that is not needed, or services that can be offered from your staff that has very little to do currently.
  • If you’re requesting: You can search for what you’re looking for and check out what’s currently being offered on the website.

In both cases, once you find what you want, you take it forward by contacting the party of interest.

Who can benefit from it?

Any and every business that requires, and/or has additional resources that are not being utilized. As established, BRH is a platform that aims to keep both parties connected and introduces them with the intention of supporting Bahrain’s private sector, workforce, and ultimately, the Kingdom’s economy.

What resources can be offered?

Generally speaking, you can offer anything that you see is not being utilized by your business. This includes devices, team members who can offer certain services, or even vehicles. It really depends on your current situation and what you can give.

How did Bahrain Resource Hub come to being?

We had to share the incredible story behind this wonderful initiative. Like we mentioned, it’s driven by the community; it’s not funded, and all that’s currently being done is by members of the community with their own tools and resources.

It all started with an idea being suggested in no place other than our own #StartUpBahrain WhatsApp group, where entrepreneur Dina Shabib shared her thoughts on what can be done by the community to provide support, coming up with Bahrain Resource Hub; only for entrepreneur Khalifa Al-Mannai to respond with his willingness to build the platform for the community.

It all started with an exchange of ideas, in a place where entrepreneurs can see themselves taking things into their own hands, together, and creating real change. 

On the occasion, Dina commented: “It’s very exciting to be able to turn a community support idea into reality within weeks! This was only possible because of how closely connected the startup community in Bahrain is.”

Khalifa commented: “The collective efforts to achieve BRH is proof of Bahrain’s thriving and agile startup community.”

Make sure you’re following Bahrain Resource Hub on their Instagram, and keep in touch by visiting their website here.