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So you’re at work, and you start feeling hungry so you order food with your colleagues and to come to realize that you forgot your wallet at home! So what usually happens (especially in this part of the world), your generous Bahraini friend will opt-in to pay for your food. We get how awkward and frustrating this could be.

But what if in that very same moment, you could pay back your colleague with a tap of a button? That’s all possible with Swap, a money transfer app that streamlines the mobile payment process instantly. Swap recently joined C5’s Cloud10 Scalerator, in partnership with Tamkeen, the Bahrain Economic Development Board and AWS, is a unique platform in the region that helps young tech startups or scaleups to expand through cloud computing.

Founder of Swap, Abdulwahab AlZankawi told StartUp Bahrain, “Swap was born to solve a daily issue that people face by not being able to pay back their friends for whatever joint payments they make together such as a lunch or a birthday gift for a colleague.”

The top three perks of using Swap are:

  1. Anyone can use it. The app is dedicated to everyone who wants to use it, so it doesn’t reject users of different banks.
  2. Easy to use. It’s straightforward to use, just add family and friends only by their usernames.
  3. Do payments simultaneously. Swap allows users to process payments to a whole group of people at the same time

Abdulwahab AlZankawi joined C5’s Cloud 10 Scalerator to get a more precise scope on Bahrain’s leading FinTech and startup scene, to gain more knowledge from the expertise provided by C5’s accelerator program especially with its strong partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).