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In the realm of healthcare where challenges and opportunities intersect, Dr. Mohamed AlQassab, found his calling to champion change. Dr. AlQassab is a Bahraini doctor committed to revolutionizing the healthcare sector. When he’s not immersing himself in traveling the world, exploring different cultures and reading captivating books like David Sinclair’s ‘Lifespan’, he’s fueled by his passion to enhance healthcare services. 

Dr. AlQassab’s vision is focused on catering to the needs of the growing aging population in the region and propelling Bahrain’s healthcare system towards new horizons. How, you might ask. Well, that’s the question we’ll be answering today. 

It all began at Salmaniya Medical Center for Dr. AlQassab, but it was his decision to enroll in the Healthcare Management Masters Post-Grad program at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland that sparked a new perspective. This experience exposed him to the opportunities in the healthcare sector, igniting his passion for healthcare management. While he continued to directly engage with patients at his general practice clinic, Dr. AlQassab set his sights on work that will develop and enhance the healthcare sector, determined to make a lasting impact.

 “Today, with the mounting financial pressure on regional governments and the rapid innovations in healthcare, a collaboration between the public and private sector is necessary to the ever-expanding healthcare industry. This collaboration plays a vital role, supported by a range of incentive schemes,” said Dr. AlQassab. 

Throughout his career in healthcare management, Dr. AlQassab worked on various healthcare projects, including developing a comprehensive private medical center in Bahrain that paved the way for several healthcare projects across the GCC region. He combined that with various advisory roles alongside financial and technical advisors like KPMG (Bahrain & KSA), E&Y (Bahrain), Ensymm (Germany), and CSV Engineering (Italy). 

In Tamkeen, Dr. AlQassab is part of the Business Development department, overseeing Healthcare, Education, and Tourism sectors, and through this role his work is focused on contributing to the growth and advancement of these sectors in Bahrain. 

When it comes to healthcare, the sector is undergoing a significant shift both locally and globally. It’s all about being proactive, identifying health issues in advance, and providing timely care. With the remarkable progress in data processing, groundbreaking diagnostic tools, and innovative treatment methods, Dr. AlQassab notes how exciting the world of genomic and nanomedicine is, and its great potential.

“One of the key challenges we’re addressing is the preparation of human capital to meet the demands of this rapidly transforming sector. Tamkeen has been instrumental in supporting the training of candidates, working closely with stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health, National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), the Supreme Council of Health, and private hospitals to ensure the impact of our support,” commented Dr. AlQassab, marking the challenges healthcare professionals face today. The high-cost equipment and ICT needs required to upgrade healthcare facilities and deliver new services pose another challenge. He added: “Through Tamkeen’s support programs, we empower innovative and ambitious organizations to obtain the necessary requirements.”

It’s amazing to witness how the healthcare sector is flourishing with the Public-Private sectors collaborative efforts. This dynamic approach is fueling faster growth and benefiting both patients and healthcare facilities. With the introduction of the National Health Insurance program, there’s an expected boost in the private sector, creating new opportunities and allowing the public sector to focus on specialized services and innovative healthcare delivery. 

With the Bahrain Genome Project and the integration of new technologies, personalized medicine and regenerative treatments that are expected to become a reality in the country, there will be a surge in clinical research initiatives. Thus, setting the scene for Bahrain to establish a position as a health tourism hub in the region.

Tamkeen is rising to meet the challenges head on, ready to transform the industry by supporting Bahraini doctors and propel the healthcare sector to new horizons with their recent initiatives:

  • Employment Incentive and Wage Increment Support: Tamkeen offers wage subsidy support of 70%, 50%, and 30% for three years, based on actual salary with the minimum salary being BHD 800, as well as subsidy for the wage increment of Bahraini doctors currently employed in the private sector. This increased support encourages facilities to hire Bahraini doctors, enhancing their employability and boosting the healthcare workforce.
  • Retention Incentives: Private hospitals with a Bahrainization rate of 25% or higher among doctors/dentists will be eligible for increased support grants, ensuring the retention of Bahraini medical professionals and promoting the growth of private healthcare facilities.
  • Education Loan Support: Seeking to advance doctors training and education? Tamkeen plans to provide financial support for educational loans through partner banks. This initiative is still under development and it aims to address skill gaps and facilitate specialized training for doctors, empowering them to contribute to the healthcare sector more effectively.

The healthcare sector in Bahrain is poised to experience significant growth and advancement, and by promoting employment, retention, and specialized training for Bahraini doctors, these measures will contribute to the enhancement of healthcare services and the overall strength of the industry. 

And with that, Dr. AlQassab still has a few words of advice for all the young Bahraini professionals looking to start their career in the healthcare industry, saying, “The industry is evolving rapidly with the convergence of technology and scientific breakthroughs. It presents an incredible opportunity to improve people’s lives and ensure wellness for all. Embrace this exciting journey and explore diverse health professions like researchers, scientists, IT programmers, and biomedical engineers.” How remarkable is that? But that’s not the end of it! 

Dr. AlQassab continued, “Remember, the sector offers a plethora of growth potential beyond traditional roles of physicians and nursing. Keep an open mind, discover your passion, and contribute to the transformative impact of healthcare in Bahrain and beyond.” 

For more on the initiatives, visit Tamkeen’s website and learn all about it!  As for us, do tell what you think about this article by getting in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!