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Are you looking for the latest tech gadgets, fashion items, groceries, or home appliances? You can find all that and more through the comfort of your own home or office with Homiez

Homiez is an innovative e-commerce platform that has the latest products you never knew you needed. What makes Homiez different from any other e-commerce site? The website is determined to support Bahrain-based businesses by giving them a platform to showcase their products for potential customers, allowing them to reach a larger customer base.

The best part about shopping at Homiez is that you can shop with ease for products you need, and support Bahrainis and local businesses at the same time! Some notable Bahraini businesses showcased on the platform are Meat Town, Bahrain Artistic Frame Center, fresh ingredients from the Bahrain Farmers’ Market, or the famous Bahraini chocolate and pastry brand, Maya Delices, among many other Bahraini brands.  

Homiez was launched by co-founded by DigiSphere Solutions, a company working to digitize roadmaps for businesses and Al-Salam Gas because of the increased need for digitization and the urgency of Bahraini businesses to follow the trend of e-commerce. Since it’s the way of the future, featuring these Bahraini businesses online gives them a chance to reach new customers and keep up with digital trends that are sweeping across Bahrain and the GCC. 

Homiez has a wide range of products under categories like electronics, grocery products, gaming, fashion & beauty, pharmacy, and more!

According to Homiez, the e-commerce market is a huge opportunity for businesses to expand, reach more customers, and better market their brands. So if you’re a Bahraini business that is interested in selling your products online, click here to apply for a vendor account with Homiez. 

As an e-commerce platform, it can be challenging to reach the amount of desired customers and spread the word about the website. Homiez has shown initiative in this field by utilizing programmatic remarketing, known as the go-to marketing tactic to reach previous site visitors. The strategy displays ads as previous site visitors browse the web, reaching those who are interested in using the platform. 

Their advice to reach customers is to “be yourself, organic, and be authentic.” Once you realize the value you add to customers, make that clear, and at the center of your marketing strategy, because it will make a difference. 

Within the upcoming years, Homiez hopes to expand across the GCC as the leading e-commerce platform for users across the Gulf. Make sure you keep up with Homiez because they are in the works for an all-new user experience filled with attractive designs, that you for sure don’t want to miss! 

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