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The launch of the Sijilat platform was a key milestone for Bahrain’s startup ecosystem as it significantly eased up all processes related to company registration (CR). 

An initiative by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism (MoICT), Sijilat offers a wide range of services that business owners can leverage to meet all legal and regulatory requirements using a single, unified platform. 

In case you’re new to using Sijilat, you might want to check out these introductory articles here and here.

As for this article, it will address the easiest way you can add an activity to your Bahraini CR using Sijilat. A bit of a background first:

Two types of CR certificates in Bahrain

The Bahraini government mandates that all businesses must register with the MoICT and other relevant government bodies to legally operate in the Kingdom. The Commercial Registration certificate is issued to businesses only after these due compliances are met

The MoICT issues two types of company registrations — CR with license and CR without a license. 

The CR with activity is issued only after your business gets the regulatory approval to carry out business activities. In many cases, approval by the MoICT might just suffice. 

However, there are certain activities for which you might need the approval of additional government bodies. For example, if your business intends to deal with motion pictures, videos, and television program activities, you may require the green signal from both the MoICT and the MIA – Publication and Press Directorate.

Benefits of obtaining CR without a license

The primary objective behind letting businesses have CR certificates without a license is to allow them a head-start in setting up their business. 

With the CR certificate issued, you can legally approach banks for loans, lease a commercial place, approach vendors and target markets, and so on. To obtain a license from relevant authorities, you get a maximum of one year from the day of issuance of the CR certificate. 

How to add an activity using Sijilat

The process is pretty straight forward. First, you need to log in on Sijilat using your eKey. In case you don’t yet have an eKey, you may approach any local e-government center near you with your smart card, and the process should take no longer than 10 minutes. 

Or you may also have your application processed via a registered professional body. 

Once you’re inside Sijilat, follow these 10 steps: 

  1. Select the menu titled “Commercial Registration” 
  2. Select “Amendments”. 
  3. Select “manage activity” 
  4. Enter your CR number without the branch number and then click “search”. 
  5. Select the main branch from the list of available options and click “save and continue”. 
  6. Select “Add activity”. 
  7. Look for the desired activities among the options available and click “Add” then “save and continue”. 
  8. The portal will now show you the list of government entities that will be reviewing your application. Click “Continue”.
  9. Upload all required documents as prompted on-screen (all fields in red are mandatory). Then click “Save and continue”. 
  10.  In the final step, select preferred language for SMS updates then click “Submit”.

If properly done, you will receive instant notifications about each and every action on your application as and when they’re done.

We hope that clears all your questions regarding how to add an activity to your CR in Bahrain. For any unanswered questions, reach out to StartupBahrain using our social media profiles on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.