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It’s no longer a surprising statement to hear when someone says we’re living in a digital world. After all, everything is digital and available online.

During such times where availability and accessibility aren’t the issue, rather than organization, there comes a need for a platform that simply has everything to help you make better choices and decisions, while also saving time.

And that’s exactly why the Bahraini startup Evergo came to being! In light of the startup’s launch, we had a conversation with the one-stop-scheduling-app’s founder, Khalifa Al-Mannai, where we got to know more about the application.

Khalifa, why did you create Evergo?

Evergo was created with the goal to bring all of your lifestyle needs into one place and make your favorite companies available to you 24/7. So, regardless of the service that you are looking to avail of, with Evergo, you will never have to spend hours browsing the internet to find the best service provider for your needs. Moreover, the powerful technology behind the application allows us to onboard vendors from around the world to offer Evergo users a diverse range of online services.

Sounds great! How would you introduce Evergo to someone who hasn’t heard of it yet?

Evergo is a newly developed application that can help the general public access service providers and book or schedule their services quickly, safely, and effectively. In addition to that, if practical, those services can be hosted virtually through the application for the ultimate consumer and vendor flexibility.

How can Evergo help both vendors and users?

Whether you are a vendor looking to reach new customers and expand your business presence in the digital space or a consumer looking for a one-click solution to all of your lifestyle servicing needs, Evergo can greatly contribute towards providing a platform that will make both vendors and customers happy and satisfied.

Vendor benefits:

Regardless of whether you are completely new to business or are already operating elsewhere and are just looking to expand your consumer reach, Evergo can offer you a set of unique benefits that you simply cannot ignore.

  • Less competition and more demand for your service.
  • A user-friendly dashboard, allowing you to monitor every aspect of business that you do through the application.
  • Your business service will be available for booking 24/7 without any prior calls or messages needed from the consumer.
  • A simplified booking process, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Host a variety of sessions over the internet in a single application
  • Host a variety of online sessions in a single application to all of your customers regardless of their current location.
  • All bookings/payments and made through the Evergo application.
  • All online sessions take place on evergo.

User benefits:

The application offers the user dozens of features that will make your day to day life a lot simpler and time-efficient in helping you to find the right service provider for your requirements. So, what can Evergo do for you as a consumer?

  • It will provide you with direct access to all of your favorite lifestyle needs in one place.
  • Easy, safe, and sophisticated booking system, saving you time and money on unnecessary fees.
  • Booking availability around the clock. No calls or booking e-mails necessary.
  • All service providers registered on our platform are legitimate experts within their field, limiting the exposure to fraudulent service providers.
  • If the session is hosted online, you don’t need to leave the app in order to attend.

Where can you download Evergo from?

You can download the Evergo application completely for free from the Playstore for Android and the App Store for iOS. Moreover, you can safely use the platform from your desktop computer by visiting

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