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In a world where businesses are increasingly interconnected and global trade is thriving, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often face numerous challenges when venturing into international markets. Enter Export Bahrain, the Kingdom’s first national export development and internationalization support arm of Bahrain, committed to providing comprehensive support and initiatives to help local businesses succeed on a global scale. 

With a wide range of services tailored to the unique needs of SMEs, Export Bahrain has become a driving force behind the success stories of many ambitious entrepreneurs, some of them you already know! 

Unlocking Opportunities with Below Market Rates

For Zahra Line, a rising star in the fashion industry, the cost of dealing directly with shipping companies posed a significant challenge. But Export Bahrain proved to be a game-changer. Zahra Ali, the founder, shared, “Export Bahrain offered me below market rates with some of the biggest shipping companies out there! They continued to offer me support to build my online store, which will be launched very soon.” With Export Bahrain’s services, Zahra Line is ready to make its mark on the international fashion stage.

Accelerating Growth and Forging Connections

Lumofy, an innovative learning experience platform, recognizes the importance of expanding its own growth. With Export Bahrain’s support, Lumofy participated in major exhibitions that proved to be resounding successes. Ahmed Faraj, founder of Lumofy, elaborated. “We managed to meet potential investors, sign partnerships, and make countless connections and attract possible customers.” Export Bahrain’s support opened doors for Lumofy, propelling them towards accelerated growth and greater industry recognition.

Expanding Horizons with Strategic Partnerships

For Parcel, a delivery service looking to expand beyond the Kingdom, Export Bahrain played a pivotal role in their journey. By signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with partners in Saudi Arabia, Parcel extended its business operations across the region! “We believe this is just the start of a long and successful export journey,” expressed Ali Hubail, co-founder of Parcel, thanking Export Bahrain for their unwavering support.

Crafting an International Brand Identity

Export Bahrain’s impact extends beyond the realms of logistics and partnerships. The Oud Lounge, a distinguished brand in the realm of oud, sought Export Bahrain’s assistance to elevate its international visibility. Through participation in global exhibitions and events, The Oud Lounge gained exposure to international delegations, propelling the brand’s reputation far beyond the Kingdom of Bahrain. Aohood Malallah, founder of The Oud Lounge, proudly stated, “Thanks to Export Bahrain, The Oud Lounge is becoming a brand known not only in Bahrain but internationally as well.” We love to hear it!

Overcoming Obstacles and Sharing a Vision

Exporting goods abroad can be a challenging endeavor for small businesses like Heaven Sent, however, they overcame hurdles by gaining access to the right networks and contacts through Export Bahrain! Farah Toorani, founder of Heaven Sent, expressed her gratitude, saying, “Export Bahrain helped us overcome these obstacles by providing us the opportunity to show our products and access the right people.” She continued, “With a solid foundation laid by Export Bahrain, we can focus on our vision of ethically produced, trendy cosmetics, and expanding our market reach across the region and beyond!” 

Empowering Bahraini Businesses to New Heights 

With these inspiring testimonials and countless success stories, it’s safe to say that Export Bahrain’s comprehensive initiatives are transforming the export landscape for Bahraini businesses and empowering SMEs to overcome barriers as well as expand into new markets. 

So, if you’re a Bahraini business dreaming of reaching new horizons, Export Bahrain is your ultimate partner in turning those dreams into reality. Let them be your guide as you embark on an exciting export journey that transcends borders, literally

You can get in touch with Export Bahrain through their website. As for us, tell us what you think! Get in touch with us on Instagram and LinkedIn, we’d love to hear from you!