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In the global pursuit of a brighter future, countries have set their objectives to align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a shared blueprint for development across the world. In Bahrain, at the frontier is Export Bahrain, which has been driving this change within the Kingdom and putting the island on the map by focusing on the eighth, ninth and seventeenth SDGs, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and Partnerships for the Goals, respectively.

Export Bahrain has been embodying the SDGs mentioned above in every aspect of their operations, from paving the way to international trade and providing equitable opportunities for Bahrainis on a global scale, to championing entrepreneurship and forging strategic partnerships with local and international entities.

Championing Sustainable Economic Growth

Export Bahrain’s focus on SDG 8 is backed by a plethora of compelling reasons. The goal aligns with Bahrain’s economic aspirations of fostering sustainable economic growth by broadening the spectrum of its GDP contributions through diversification. Plus, increasing employment opportunities allows for an improvement in the living standards of Bahraini citizens. Finally, and most importantly, is the overlap between the sustainable development goal and Bahrain’s 2030 vision. 

Export Bahrain has continued to support initiatives that support all of the above-mentioned goals both directly and indirectly. This continual support has demonstrated time and time again Export Bahrain’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability pioneering Bahrain’s way to the global stage. Talk about amazing, admirable leadership! 

And when it comes to economic diversification, Export Bahrain has played a vital role in the accessibility of international markets to businesses within Bahrain’s economy. Export Bahrain’s efforts to enable the Kingdom’s enterprises to capitalize on rewarding opportunities and enable them to be strategically positioned at the forefront of global opportunities is at the heart of all decisions the organization undertakes in alignment with the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.

Not only does Export Bahrain provide access to development opportunities, they also enable businesses in maintaining their competitive leverage and better navigate in global markets. Through advisory sessions, workshops, mentorship and cost-effective solutions, Export Bahrain assists businesses in increasing production which is reflected onto their revenue and profitability. 

Entrepreneurs are supported by facilitating opportunities in renowned and globally-recognized events and platforms to increase their global visibility and catalyze long-term business partners and collaboration plans as they meet with big players in the global market. Pretty cool, right? 

Empowering and Nurturing Bahrain’s MSMEs

While this all goes hand in hand with SDG 8, Export Bahrain takes it a step further by contributing to Bahrain’s 2030 Economic Vision as it bridges the gap between the private sector and the public sector in favor of economic prosperity. In addition to accessibility to international markets through trade facilitation, Export Bahrain encourages innovation within the private sector and the growth of MSMEs. 

MSMEs are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and competitive leverage in the global marketplace through tailored training and capacity building. Export Bahrain is there every step of the way for MSMEs from acquiring a commercial registration to stocking their products on the shelves of international retail branches. Export Bahrain further boosts their scaling by providing market research along with many tools that enable businesses to identify opportunities and gain a wider reach and exposure in international markets. 

Additionally, Export Bahrain facilitates access to financial resources, ensuring that MSMEs have the necessary capital to invest in their growth. 

Export Bahrain pushes the boundaries of international trade by going beyond just regional markets. The multiple success stories as a result of Export Bahrain’s support and objectives are a testament to their dedication in elevating Bahrain’s economy. A notable highlight of Export Bahrain’ success is Faceki, a Bahraini startup implementing AI to power Digital Identity Verification, Digital Onboarding and Biometric Facial Authentication.

Their focus on simplifying the user experience and combating fraud to create a both safer and more secure personal experience has grabbed the attention of customers from over 110 countries around the world. And the list kept growing. Export Bahrain helped to facilitate 5 more international deals during its participation in a globally recognized tech based exhibition which was key to successfully forging relationships with India, Pakistan, USA and Lithuania. 

Mr. Hamza Al-Ghatam, the co-founder and CEO of Faceki, shared: “Through our participation in one the most prominent global tech exhibitions; we were able to connect with a variety of prospective investors and companies from various sectors, which has strengthened us through expanding our business network and relations and increasing the percentage of clients and investors. We look forward to more collaborations with Export Bahrain in the future to support the expansion of the scope of our business.” This collaboration exemplifies Export Bahrain’s dedication to empowering innovative enterprises like Faceki to thrive on the global stage, solidifying their role in advancing Bahrain’s economic prosperity.

Export Bahrain’s remarkable support for Bahrain-based enterprises in seizing international opportunities is also reflected through Lumofy‘s success, a Bahraini enterprise at the forefront of delivering skill development experiences through the integration of AI solutions. Their collaboration with Export Bahrain resulted in a lucrative deal closure at a highly influential and widely effective SME forum in Saudi Arabia.

Bahrain’s path to a brighter future is well underway with Export Bahrain being at the core of this economic change allowing Bahrain to be a pioneering player worldwide, championing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) along with national strategic goals.

Spearheading Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Fulfilling SDG nine comes naturally for Export Bahrain as they lead advancements in Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. Their strategic initiatives aim to position Bahrain as a hub for innovation and technological advancement by actively diversifying industries, and fortifying infrastructure development. 

Through its support for emerging sectors and investments in enhancing infrastructure capabilities, Export Bahrain propels economic development and encourages a culture of innovation, building on top of the solid foundation for a thriving, technology-driven economy. 

As part of its extensive support-offering scope, Export Bahrain has enabled Taha International, a highly advanced Bahrain-based enterprise operating within the aluminum and steel industry. They have a patented dross processing solution which drastically reduces the need for additional energy to be used in addition to the elimination of toxic waste or by-products. Export Bahrain facilitated the progressive enterprise with multiple deal closures across several Asian markets including trade deal facilitation and knowledge transfer to prominent industry players thereby uplifting the Kingdom’s industrial capabilities and reach across key global markets.

Collaborative Partnerships for Global Goals

The seventeenth SDG finds resonance in Export Bahrain’s ethos. Understanding the pivotal role of collective efforts in sustainable development, they set out to form strategic partnerships locally and internationally. These collaborations leverage combined expertise, resources, and knowledge-sharing to maximize impact. Export Bahrain’s commitment to fostering robust collaborations aims to build a cohesive ecosystem that drives sustainable growth and nurtures global partnerships for a common objective– sustainable and inclusive development. Don’t they sound like a modern day hero?

Simply, Export Bahrain’s strategic efforts in advancing these three pivotal SDGs for positive change is proving to be the best kind of catalyst. By focusing on economic inclusivity, innovation, and collaborative endeavors, Export Bahrain exemplifies how concerted efforts can shape a more sustainable and prosperous future for Bahrain and beyond.

For example, Export Bahrain cultivated a wide range of progressive partnerships aimed at augmenting the upscale and internationalization potential of Bahrain based enterprises across a diversified range of sectors and industries.  

And more recently, Export Bahrain has signed a uniquely formulated partnership agreement with Ali Baba, a global powerhouse of B2B e-commerce with the aim of strategically positioning Bahrain based enterprises at the forefront of global business opportunities through with facilitating trade and reducing barriers for Bahraini Exporters in addition to enhancing market access for Bahraini businesses and providing them with the support to optimally navigate the platform and generating leads.

Visit Export Bahrain’s website to learn more about them. Let us know what you think, get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!