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Some people pick up creativity as a form of expression, an outlet, as they venture through life, and others are born right into it. Faisal Al Arayedh fits in the latter category with passion and appreciation for creativity integrated within him from an early age, and that stemmed from a childhood enriched by spending time in youth centers and participating in artistic activities where Faisal developed his love for the accordion! No surprise he ended up in the Creative Industries, right?

“I find it deeply fulfilling to create and see ideas come to life and materialize,” Faisal reminisced fondly of past memories where he used to pick up a brush and paint while discussing his current interest and involvement in the Creative Industries. There’s no denying the tremendous talent in Bahrain, much of it yet to be discovered and celebrated, there just needs to be a solid foundation for talent to be directed and given room to grow and flourish. When asked about the scene in the Kingdom for creatives, Faisal emphasized that Bahraini artists are pioneers within the region. 

“With the likes of inspiring artists such as Abdul Rahim Sharif and Abbas Almosawi, there’s no mistaking the limitlessness of the already established creatives that reached an acclaimed status. The talent has always been there and with strong potential for growth.” Faisal said, “Today,  with increased focus on artists and creative industries in general, there will be plenty of opportunities to look forward to in Bahrain’s creative scene. There’s also a sense of urgency and excitement when it comes to encouraging creatives in exhibiting their talents, witnessing them reach new levels that previously might have seemed unattainable.” 

And Faisal is right! That shift in focus is owed to  the government’s direction in prioritizing key economic sectors, including the creative industries sector, for the purpose of driving national economic growth. And as part of the government’s focus on creative industries, The National Council for Arts was established following a royal decree issued by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and it is currently chaired by Shaikh Rashid bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.

In alignment with that, Tamkeen developed tailored support for the creative industries sector given its potential to enhance productivity and development in Bahrain’s economy, and due to its growing importance globally. Given the industry’s broad spectrum, Tamkeen’s focal support is lent to certain sub sectors, to create the most supportive environment for creatives and help transform their ideas into commercial success both regionally and internationally.

Faisal further shared, “The support will be available to three main categories: creative enterprises, creative projects and innovation centers. Additionally, Tamkeen has partnered with multiple creative hubs to offer incubation and acceleration programs for creatives in various sub sectors.” Allow us to introduce you to these hubs that will elevate your talent to where it needs to get:

Tamkeen’s partnerships with these hubs aim to support the growth and expansion of creative businesses and individuals, as well as nurture the talent and inspire other creatives to take a chance on themselves and their passion! But that’s not all, Tamkeen is also working with several government entities to position Bahrain’s creative scene on an international scale and cater to the growth of Creative Industries. Remember the très cool Fashion Week- Paris to Manama organized by the French Embassy, Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs, Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities and of course, Tamkeen. Beaucoup cool, non?

Now that creatives know for sure they’re in safe hands, let’s talk about commercializing the talent. “Well, there are many benefits, but the first that comes to mind as it does with any other career is income,” Faisal started, “The thing about the Creative Industries, is that creatives are usually very focused on their craft and in that process, they can sometimes neglect the business aspect of things which may leadthem to miss out on the opportunity to commercialize their talent. It is essential for creatives to learn the ins and outs of running a business for them to succeed in commercialization.”

But wouldn’t it be difficult for them to balance between the creative and business side of things? “Of course it can be challenging for some individuals to successfully commercialize their passion without help. Artists can produce the most beautiful work and may not possess the time or capability to also promote their work at the same time, and this results in a lack of proper exposure.”  

That’s where the support is needed the most, and the reason why Tamkeen has developed specialized support tracks within its programs for creative industries as well as partnerships with the hubs. It’s easily accessible, offers mentorship and guidance, as well as workshops to cultivate their talents. They will also get to network and meet people with similar interests! 

Shifting from a traditional approach to a modern form in creativity can be intimidating but also incredibly rewarding, especially with social media platforms that provide a dynamic experience and feedback!“Though traditional art has a special, irreplaceable impact, everything can be, and sometimes has to be, digitized to sustain the talent and share with a wider set of audience. Creativity is all about pushing boundaries and experimenting with new concepts, mediums and materials.” Faisal added.  

That being said, we had to point out that the creative scene in the region is unfortunately still regarded with stigma. It’s not seen as a “practical” career path to venture into, but that shouldn’t be the case anymore. Day by day, in the age of digitalization, creatives in Bahrain have opportunities to work and even freelance with global companies! 

Passion and creativity know no age, and we had to ask Faisal what advice he could give to aspiring or veteran creatives, especially ones who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs? “Whenever you get the opportunity, take the risk. It is never too late. Dream big and never stop trying to achieve those dreams. You will always face trial and error, but you will get right where you need to. Seek guidance and mentorship opportunities where possible” Faisal stated, “There are people that have reached incredible places and we want more of them!” 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the hubs listed above and get started on your journey of turning your passion into profit now! You can tell us what you think about this article by getting in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you. No, really!