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From our little Kingdom to the fashion capital of the world, Noor Mohsin‘s passion has taken her on an unforgettable journey full of creativity, innovation and accomplishments, and we’re here for it! As the first Arab and Bahraini designer working with Louis Vuitton, Noor is surely a source of inspiration for aspiring talents in the region.

Early passion for design

Born into an artistic family, it’s no surprise that Noor had a love for fashion early on. Amidst such creative energy and with her family’s support, Noor eagerly pursued her passion for fashion and took part in the Supreme Council for Women’s competition for young creatives, where she gained the confidence and emotional support she needed to believe in herself.

“The support I was provided with was priceless,” said Noor. “Bahrain has become an incubator for all talents– all the initiatives and resources that her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa provides to Bahraini women empower and encourage us to pursue and achieve more, knowing that we have a very strong foundation for entrepreneurs  across all industries.” Well, she’s certainly not wrong about that! 

The Louis Vuitton dream

Naturally, coming from a family of successful jewelers and creating pieces and designs full of stories with her touch makes Noor quite the natural at her craft, so landing a gig at Louis Vuitton as the first Bahraini designer ever must have been a dream come true, non?

“It’s surreal and challenging,” Noor shared, “Designing for a renowned Maison, I have to incorporate the brand’s DNA into my designs while also making them appealing and fresh to a new audience.” Still, Noor takes it all in stride by immersing herself in the culture and spending weeks researching the brand’s archives to create designs that would stand out while still staying true to the LV identity.

Fashion’s future is sustainability

Noor believes that the future of fashion is in sustainability and comfort. She sees designers as the driving force behind the shift towards environmentally-friendly products and designs and believes that if more designers incorporate sustainability in their work, suppliers will be forced to manufacture environment-friendly products. 

When asked about upcoming fashion trends, she commented: “We’re definitely seeing more comfortable attire developing in the fashion industry, and fashion tech is evolving rapidly so there’s a lot of excitement in what’s yet to come.” C’est vraiment!

Nature as inspiration and muse 

Noor’s love for the environment is evident in her designs, which often feature natural elements and more specifically, animals. Her favorite design, algae-made sandals, was something she created during her master’s program. She designed the footwear to raise awareness about overfishing and its consequences on the livelihoods of fishermen and nature alike. We stan a woke queen! 

Of course, when talking to a designer, you have to ask who would be the ideal person to model their creations, and Noor has justifiably high hopes. “It’s Princess Kate Middleton. I admire her iconic and elegant sense of style and truly appreciate her constant support for independent designers.” 

Paving the way and sharing knowledge

When asked how she sees herself breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations, Noor added, “I worked so hard to get here, and the effort put in place was also to provide hope for my fellow designers that we are capable of achieving anything we dream. I try my best to mentor and share knowledge with anyone interested in the field.”

Noor Mohsin’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and hard work. She has shown that with determination and the right support, anyone can achieve their dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. As Bahrain’s first designer to work for Louis Vuitton, Noor has paved the way for present and future generations of Bahraini designers to follow in her footsteps and imprint their mark on the world of fashion.

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