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Game developers and enthusiasts, free up your schedule for the next two days because the Bahrain Game Jam is starting tomorrow. The event will be taking place from the 29th – 30th of November in Bahrain Polytechnic.

To find out more about the event, we spoke to Yousef BuHazza, Founder of Unreal Bahrain and Bahrain Game Developers as well as the Vice Chair of Bahrain Internet Society to give us more insight of what’s going down in tomorrow’s event. If you want to know what exactly is happening, then keep reading!

For you curious souls, the Bahrain Game Jam is a game development hackathon whereby a game developer or a team of game developers compete with one another to produce a game in no more than 48 hours. We asked Yousef what’s so different about this year’s Game Jam and he said, “This Game Jam is different because we intend to encourage the game developers to continue the jam games and convert them into actual products to be sold. This is true to many success stories that yielded great results, such as games like Goat Simulator.”

If you’re someone who’s over the age of 16 who’s artistic, loves music, writing scripts, coding, game design, or even marketing, and can risk staying up for 48 hours to develop a game (don’t worry you can leave to go home and rest if you wish). Then you’re eligible and more than welcome to participate in tomorrow’s Game Jam.

The Game Jam will give people the professional game developing tools and support needed in order to go forth with creating their games. A wide array of skillful mentors from different backgrounds will also be available throughout the entirety of the Jam to help guide participants when developing their games. Networking is always a plus, and you can do that too in the Game Jam.

Not only that, but there will also be four panel discussions taking place throughout the Game Jam which aims to tackle different aspects of game development, these sessions are:

  • What is needed to start a game development business in Bahrain?
  • Gaming culture.
  • Why develop games for a cause?
  • The truth about indie game development.

If you think this is your cup of tea, then why not join in on the Game Jame, you might learn a thing or two about game development. For more information, don’t forget to follow Bahrain Game Jam on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.