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In this day and age of Smartphone convenience, everything that we wish for is literally available at our fingertips, just a click away. Be it a chat session with friends and dear ones or skipping queues to a parlour or a bank, or buying groceries online, various disruptive App startups have ensured that all these common needs are met with, within the comforts of one’s home or office to save time lost in physically travelling to a spot to get these done. They undoubtedly make life so much easier.

As we get used to the comforts of these convenient App services, our desire for more convenience only increases with time and sometimes we wish we had a magic lamp that we could rub in order to get a genie who could read our minds and tell us: a) what we want to do at a particular moment of leisure b) where exactly to go for the best possible places for that leisure activity be it reading, shopping, watching a film or a performance, learning something or pursuing a hobby. Well while the magic lamp may not be available to you, there is a magic App called WNNA that sure can tell you what you ‘wanna’ do and where!

WNNA is an AI driven contextual search that utilizes Big Open Data & Semantic Web to provide users with personalized recommendations and monetizable actions. WNNA has several Artificial Intelligence components that helps with its Knowledge Graph Data Acquisition & Processing from structured and unstructured data sources, understanding user behavior & intention, analyzing texts & images content and providing the most relevant recommendation and actions to end users. This magic companion app can practically read your mind based on your frequent activities and searches and amazingly serve to help you with getting excellent recommendations for your daily activities! No matter, what you want to do, WNNA is there to help with its intuitive interface.

It is very interesting to note how WNNA recommends options based on decisions you would usually make. It does this by scurrying through different sources over the Internet to get you only the information you would regularly use to make decisions (show timings, rating, traffic) in real-time, and then do more with the information by (order food, book tables or tickets, request an uber, get directions etc.). Simply tap on a certain activity and you’ll get the best recommendations for a coffee shop, a movie theatre, shopping malls, to practically just about anything you require in your nearest vicinity.

WNNA is therefore an ultimate ‘Near Me’ app that helps you perfectly! Its recommendation engine is based on different sources guaranteeing apt recommendations. And what’s more, it does so unbelievably quickly, enlisting all the locations, businesses, restaurants, cafes, malls etc. according to the proximity of your location. It also gauges the distances of these places from your location. When you want to check few of the locations, you can tap and directly call them or see their website and offerings. Thus, all needed information about the businesses can be gathered within the app.

WNNA searches with additional parameters after you select a certain category. Example when you ask for where to eat recommendations, it will suggest places depending on your preferred choice of cuisine. In a nutshell, WNNA can be summarized as:

  • the best local recommendations app
  • categorized recommendations
  • based on lifestyle activities
  • neat, simple and intuitive UI
  • great amount of information about each recommended places
  • simplifies making decisions

Revolutionary an app that it is, WNNA made us at StartUp Bahrain want to speak to Ali Mohsen, its founder who describes this App as “a personal digital brain for everyone”. A technologist and an entrepreneur, Ali has been a Microsoft Alumnus who started building websites back in 1996 and been building online ventures since the year 2000. He has also established and participated in running multiple tech startups across different industries: Enterprise (SAAS), Consumer, e-Commerce & Artificial Intelligence.

As conveyed to StartUp Bahrain, Ali envisioned WNNA as a means of personal Internet experience having been an avid Internet user and realizing how it is not easy to find the information one is looking for in this vast ocean of data. As he recalls, ‘Building Startups are always challenging and hard but that’s what makes it fun and exciting, be it finding the right team, building your product, raising your first round of funding or learning new advanced skills like AI and Machine Learning. The best way to overcome these challenges is to have the right attitude and the will to win, strong and compelling story to sell with passion to talents, investors and users. You must be able to believe in it before others would. People would see that in your eyes when you talk to them one on one, or users would see that in your end product’.

Although Ali and his team has faced roadblocks and challenges on the way, when asked about what kept them going, Ali said, ‘When we first launched WNNA as an MVP in just 48 hours it was trending in 60+ App-store markets and became in the top charts of travel category in multiple countries downloaded by thousands of people who were interested and sent us a lot of feedback, which were both positive and negative. That was what motivated us to focus more build the team and develop the Android & Web versions of WNNA.

Ali and his team have a lot to look forward to and plan for in preparation for the Global Summit in April 2018 in Switzerland. This includes Product and Engineering roadmap and growth targets. ‘We have set ourselves Big targets that we are determined to reach before the global summit’. As we wish the WNNA team the very best for all their future endeavours, we leave you with this inspiring message from Ali for all startupers:

“Be Bold and Think Big. Build a compelling story that you believe in. Build a strong team that crafts a product with love, taking care of every single detail. Ask for help. Most people are willing to help”.

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