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The current global health crisis has undoubtedly brought personal wellness and preventative health to the forefront of society’s focus, and it is our commitment to remain true to our mission in galvanizing the symbiotic interests of our stakeholders. While we work to refine our long-term strategy during these unpredictable times, Hayatech remains committed to delivering a myriad of employee wellness and engagement benefits to our current corporate client and its 550+ employees today.

One of the greatest wonders we have witnessed our platform unveil is the power of uniting users around their own health. Not only by galvanizing employees behind a shared goal of reinspiring ways to self-actualize through exercise, but by connecting our participants to establish a common ground through personal health that empowers positive discussion and collective action. While every other personal and professional discussion we carry remains obsessed with the COVID-19 outbreak, the community we have motivated around health and wellness is instead exchanging tips for boosting immunity, suggesting the best open spaces to exercise outdoors whilst proactively adhering to social distancing measures, and recommending preferred wellness providers that are empowering their health in light of the uncertainty and chaos imposed by the COVID-19 virus. Alas, our platform has served as a great escape from the cheerless and unwelcomed conversations associated with the current state of the world, enabling our participants to instead focus and connect on the single most valuable commodity they carry: their personal health.  

Our product has further enabled our participants to better monitor their physical activity, assessing dips and peaks to best understand how their environment and circumstances have impacted their wellness journey, and inspiring users to seek out alternative venues for getting their steps in to maintain and outdo their personal bests. We remain elated at the upcoming opportunity to launch our team-centered challenges, empowering colleagues to virtually band together and achieve step goals collectively. Our platform will further enable our corporate client to capture how our business solution has not only successfully increased step counts, but engagement, as our platform empowers employees to offer feedback via optional, tokenized engagement surveys.

For our reward partners, many of whom are undoubtedly being impacted through one of the most testing times we are collectively facing, our solution is working to provide them with a voice and an opportunity to become part of our users’ wellness journey by rewarding their efforts and building true engagement around their brand via our in-app wellness rewards marketplace.
We are remaining in close correspondence with our current and prospect clients through continued support and flexibility to ensure that we can maximize the benefits of our long-term partnerships. As in any time of severe market disruption, we are also re-evaluating our business processes and platform features to enhance our value proposition as we move forward to position ourselves as a business that is less susceptible to systematic market risk, while remaining at the forefront of connected wellness.