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If you see yourself as an Expert Developer, have a passion for Building technologies, love to make things better and love sharing knowledge, this article will share useful tips on ways to get there.

What is the Google Developers Experts program?

The GDE program is a global network of technology-savvy people who actively support developers, companies, and tech communities. GDEs do this by sharing knowledge at events, publishing content, building applications, and working together with developers on a wide array of Google products. Supported products include Android, Angular, Flutter, Firebase, Machine Learning etc., GDEs work to make these services more accessible and more relevant to the users. The GDE  program’s duration is one year. If you make a significant contribution, it is possible to extend beyond that period.

As a GDE, you will get to enjoy access to Google team projects, get to become a member of the global network of Google professionals, become eligible for invitation to Google events locally and abroad, and get acknowledged by being featured on the Google Directory page. You will also get a GDE badge.

How To Become A Member ?

Usually, GDEs are selected through referral by a Google employee or an authorized partner of the program. However, you can personally reach out to the Google Contact in your locality or an active expert or do both to show your interest.

You will be required to submit written evidence of your works on your product of interest. After you are shortlisted, you will go through at least two interviews (with a Google employee and a GDE, who have expertise in your product of interest) before being given the final approval. To help you get nominated, let’s review the eligibility requirements.


  1. You must be an expert in your area of interest. You must be quite good at the Google product you use.
  2. You must already be doing what Google Experts do. As a Google Developer Expert, you will need to perform the tasks above. Google wants people who have a proven track record; hence they look out for people who are already mentoring others.
  3. Google wants to see people who create high-quality technical content and share them as tutorials, code samples, blog posts, educational books, videos, and people who have a good reputation at tech conferences. Hence, be sure to start engaging in such activities if you are interested in the program and are not already involved. If there is no meet-up for you to speak in your area publicly, start one (It does not necessarily have to be a big one).
  4. Do well to network with other professionals on different platforms, especially on Twitter, and get some guest blogs on some of your network members’ platforms.
  5. It would help if you were mentoring startups, entrepreneurs, and other developers.
  6. No matter your level of expertise, good communication is imperative to getting in. You need to be able to provide meaningful advice to others and to articulate unambiguously.

In general, try and do the best work and learn more about your chosen technology. As a GDE, you get so many benefits. Putting your GDE badge on your profile and resume helps validate your qualifications. It also will give you access to a bigger number of people. If you are interested in the program, why not start now?