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The startup landscape changes fast, both globally and in StartUp Bahrain. Your startup needs to be on the constant look out for the next best tools and resources to help you reduce costs, be more productive, efficient, or expand with stability.

This year was all about AWS if you remember. Amazon’s AWS is one of those services that every startup must have because it is currently the bomb! (Metaphorically speaking, obviously) It’s super affordable, but most importantly efficient! AWS offers your startup reliable, scalable cloud computing services.

Wondering what AWS offers? AWS is short for Amazon Web Services, and it offers reliable and inexpensive cloud computing services.

Here are some of the things AWS will help you for sure with your startup.

  1. AWS has literally everything. AWS has a wide range of cloud services that your startup needs: relational databases to host and organize your users, products, or any information you’d like in a database, storage services in data centers all around the world to store user generated content on S3, AWS’s storage cloud service, and many many more cool things! And the best part is that AWS allows you to access any of the resources you need, quickly and efficiently, but more importantly to you, cost effectively. There’s a quick provision of services and technologies, and AWS relies on its big infrastructure technology platform, so startups no longer have to wait for a new server and hire a database administrator when they can just use Amazon’s AWS and immediately start working on their apps.
  2. Get started in absolutely no time. What if we told you AWS has a program called AWS Activate specifically for startups to get you started on the cloud, with free credits, training, and support? Well, it’s here, and you shouldn’t be waiting longer.
  3. Easy on the budget. AWS is really cheap and cost effective! We know that funding and budgeting is every startup’s struggle. But AWS offers really attractive pricing models for startups and enterprises. AWS shares its infrastructure cost with a lot of users meaning that they’re able to leverage the economies of scale to drive down costs further. Consequently, AWS passes these savings to their customers, which in turn attracts more customers to use more AWS services. “With AWS you can right size your services to meet exactly the capacity requirements you need without having to overprovision or compromise capacity. With AWS, you can adapt your services to address actual business needs at any time, with no penalties or incidental fees.”
  4. Size up, size down, at your convenience. No longer do you have to purchase or use a huge server and only utilize a fraction of it all year long. Use the specific and affordable cloud services you need from AWS at the capacity you require, think of it as a “pay-per-use” set of services at your disposal.
  5. Deploy, test, measure, and repeat. AWS provides you with an easy platform to test and develop your app. You can do anything from reloading disk images, wiping them and more. With AWS, you no longer have to worry about IT operations.

Bonus point: Secure and protects you. Protecting your startup’s data, especially if it includes your clients’ information is basically an obligation. AWS is full with that, it has: Error Detection, Health Checks, Auto-Scaling, Self Healing and more.

So are you convinced yet about AWS? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe to AWS, it’s affordable, efficient and filled with features that your startup can definitely take advantage of!

Did you know that AWS, not only are launching datacenters in Bahrain, but are also partners with C5 Accelerate to power their Cloud 10 Scalerator for businesses on the cloud in the StartUp Bahrain community? AWS also partnered up with BIBF to offer cloud workshops and courses!

What are you waiting for?