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While so many of us were stuck at home amidst the pandemic, some faced a period of stilted drive while others challenged themselves to start afresh and pick up new hobbies. Early Riser emerged from humble beginnings to become a household name in the local food industry.

Aida Almudaifa, the founder, started her journey in 2020 from her apartment’s kitchen, driven by a passion for wholesome nutrition and a desire to fill a gap in the market. Little did she know, her granola and nut butter creations would soon captivate the taste buds of locals.

“We started Early Riser as a fun project during the pandemic, but it quickly gained momentum,” Aida shared fondly. “The overwhelming response from family and friends inspired us to turn our passion into a business.” With the support of her talented husband and brothers, Early Riser blossomed into a family affair, mixing tradition with innovation to create products that stand out in a competitive market. 

If you’re curious about the name, “Early Riser” reflects their commitment to starting each day on a positive note, a philosophy that resonates with their brand ethos of health and vitality. Aida further explained, “My husband and I are early risers and our morning routine sets the tone for the day. We wanted our brand to embody that sense of energy and optimism.”

From crafting unique flavors inspired by local culture to infusing their products with superfoods, the creative process at Early Riser is a labor of love. “We draw inspiration from everywhere – our heritage, customer feedback, and even our travels,” Aida stated enthusiastically. “Innovation is key, but we never compromise on quality or nutrition.”  She revealed that their iconic Karak Nut Butter line was the hardest product launch as it took over fifteen different samples to perfect the flavor. But hey, it was worth the wait!

Beyond typical breakfast or snacking, Early Riser’s products can be used in some unexpected and creative ways. “The uses are endless!” Aida exclaimed. “You can use some of our nut butters to create savory dishes like marinating chicken with peanut butter and soya sauce, adding almond butter to salad dressings, or even blending any granola to create a crust for cakes or tarts. The possibilities are truly endless.” We’ll be trying these out expeditiously!

Despite the challenges of competing with imported options, Early Riser distinguishes itself with premium, clean ingredients and unparalleled flavors. “We identified a gap in the market for healthier alternatives, and we seized the opportunity,” Aida emphasized. “Our products are not just food; they’re a lifestyle choice.”

As a two-time winner of StartUp Bahrain Pitch and Startup of the Year Awards, Aida expressed her profound gratitude for the recognition and investment opportunities received. “It feels amazing and unreal,” she admitted, still processing the magnitude of their achievements. “The investment opportunity secured from Mumtalakat is the biggest milestone and the start of amazing things to come for us. We are so happy that they gave a company of our size a chance and saw the potential that we see.” She went on to continue. “We’re excited to launch new product lines and explore regional and international markets. With the support of our partners and the Bahraini community, the sky’s the limit.”

As they embark onto the next chapter, Aida offers a word of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “Believe in your vision, work hard, and stay true to your roots. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards are completely worth it.” With Early Riser leading the charge, the future of Bahrain’s food industry is more promising than ever.

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