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In an ever-evolving digital landscape, one organization stands out as a lighthouse for career transformation and education all at once. You might have heard of it! Does General Assembly ring any bells? Since inception in 2011 in New York City, General Assembly has grown from a humble co-working space into a global learning experience with campuses in 20 cities and over 35,000 graduates worldwide, and now, that wealth of experience is established in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Contributing to Bahrain’s 2030 vision and thriving tech ecosystem, General Assembly’s unparalleled practical experience and expertise serves their own goal of nurturing a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to pursuing the careers of the future to Bahrainis.

And according to General Assembly’s Head of Operations in Bahrain, Ahlam Oun, their mission is quite clear: “By specializing in today’s most sought-after tech skills, our goal is to position our Bahraini graduates as the chosen candidates for employment in the tech industry. We aspire to be the leading tech academy, nurturing a vibrant community of professionals who are dedicated to pursuing the careers of the future.” Sounds incredible, right?

But what truly sets General Assembly apart in the digital age is their programs. Their initiatives are consistently updated to align with market trends, ensuring that their curriculum remains relevant and up-to-date. “Our immersive tech curriculum is accompanied by an exceptional career coaching and outcomes program, staffed by certified coaches dedicated to fostering internal growth. Through a combination of group career sessions and one-on-one coaching, our aim is to empower individuals as they transition into the tech field, equipping them for success.” 

Ahlam further shared, “Thanks to our collaborations with tech-forward corporate partners local and international, our students have had the opportunity to engage in digital projects, enhancing their practical experience and allowing them to apply classroom teachings in a real-world context.”

General Assembly offers a diverse range of programs and courses, including software engineering, UX design, and data analytics. They also emphasize alignment with industry demands, a key factor in preparing their students for success. 

The impact of General Assembly is palpable, and their partnership with the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) has played a significant role in extending their reach within the community. Ahlam noted, “Tamkeen’s forward-thinking mission to incorporate tech training into their efforts to make Bahrainis the first choice for employment is truly impressive. Their collaboration with General Assembly has played a pivotal role for us in realizing this vision with them.” An impressive 81.8% positive outcome rate for its graduates within 6 months since graduating, which includes job opportunities, freelance work, promotions and starting a business, and more than 350 students have successfully completed their classes. 

So, what distinguishes General Assembly graduates in the job market? You guessed it, it’s their well-rounded skill set! The graduates possess strong communication skills, valuable soft skills, hands-on tech experience, and proficiency in various languages and software applications. Ahlam ensured that employers can expect versatile and adaptable professionals ready to make an impact from day one.

With all that in mind, it’s only natural to think, what’s next for General Assembly? Ahlam revealed, “We’ve cultivated a thriving ecosystem by leveraging our graduates and corporate partnerships. This includes organizing community workshops focused on technology and career development in collaboration with various societies, such as IOT & AI and Herfa. We are also actively participating in Hackathons and spearheading the creation of community groups like UX Bahrain for our UX Design alumni. This is just the beginning of our journey, and we have ambitious plans for the future in Bahrain.” 

For individuals considering a career change through General Assembly’s programs, the message is clear: it’s the right step for you. General Assembly helps you embark on your tech career journey, starting from scratch and guiding you up the ladder, step by step, supporting you all the way!

With their commitment to excellence, industry alignment, and a supportive community, General Assembly is transforming careers and bridging the skills gap in the digital age. For more information, visit their website. As for us, do tell what you think about this article by getting in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you.