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In a world where conversations about women’s fertility can often be shrouded in stigma and silence, Ovasave is an Abu Dhabi-based startup that is breaking barriers and empowering women to take control of their reproductive health. Founded by an inspiring team, Ovasave has emerged as an innovative digital platform that is revolutionizing women’s access to fertility and egg-freezing services in the MENA region.

The driving force behind Ovasave’s inception was the stories of countless women who started their fertility journeys, navigating through numerous challenges with limited support. These women served as a poignant reminder of a prevailing issue– the lack of knowledge and resources that women face when it comes to understanding and managing their fertility, and the stigma doesn’t make it easier.

The journey of Ovasave began when one of the co-founders, Torkia Mahloul, started her own egg freezing journey, and encountered the stark reality of her declining fertility. Faced with anxiety and uncertainty, she realized that many women shared her struggles and yearned for accessible and affordable fertility solutions.

Enter Majd Abu Zant, the other half of Ovasave’s dynamic duo, who had extensive experience in the IVF sector, having helped countless women facing similar challenges. 

“Together, we both recognized the dire need for a platform like Ovasave,” shared Torkia, “We wanted to create a space that not only normalized discussions surrounding women’s fertility but also made it easier for more women to access fertility treatments and support. More than ever, the need to simplify the process of fertility testing and egg freezing, making it convenient, affordable, and accessible to all, was too important to stay silent about.” She added. 

Ovasave aims to be the go-to platform for women seeking reliable information on fertility and egg freezing. Their comprehensive egg freezing guide covers every aspect of the journey, from fertility testing to the egg freezing process itself. They’re with their users in every step of the way, even if their FAQs section provides answers on commonly hesitated questions, the user can still schedule a free teleconsultation session with an experienced fertility doctor. Ovasave is always ensuring that women have the personalized guidance and support needed.

Torkia noted, “And when a woman is ready to take the next step, we make sure to partner with reputable clinics to make the process of booking appointments for a full fertility assessment as easy and smooth as possible. This is a crucial step before proceeding with egg freezing.”

Technology plays a pivotal role in Ovasave’s mission to make fertility testing and egg freezing accessible for all women. And so, the platform introduces an innovative at-home fertility testing kit, allowing women to assess their ovarian reserve conveniently and affordably. 

Utilizing patented technology, this test allows women to assess their ovarian reserve with just a few drops of blood, all from the comfort of their homes. That is, of course, very intentional to serve a core purpose, and Torkia explained why: “We understand that many women who wish to take action on their fertility are often busy juggling multiple responsibilities, so through our technology, it becomes effortless to search for excellent clinics nearby, book appointments, and engage in virtual consultations with leading fertility experts.”   

To any woman considering egg-freezing and fertility testing, Ovasave advises self-education, reflection on personal goals, and taking the essential step of AMH testing. Ovasave believes in celebrating the uniqueness of every fertility journey, providing women with the tools to make empowered decisions for their future.

“We’re encouraging women to invest in themselves! Just as we save up for a nice vacation, investing in egg freezing can provide a peace of mind and control for women in pursuing their dreams without the stress of worrying about their fertility.” Torkia said, highlighting the importance of normalizing the conversation about women’s fertility, which is the first step to feel empowered enough to take direct action. 

And that’s not all! Ovasave’s impact goes beyond education as it also addresses the financial barriers associated with egg freezing. Torkia pointed out how the high cost of egg freezing hinders many women from making this choice. By offering zero interest installment plans for egg freezing packages, they empower women to make informed decisions about their fertility without worrying about upfront costs.

“We have also introduced a flexible payment plan, enabling users to divide the cost into six installments. Our belief is that financial considerations should never hinder your access to the essential services you require,” Torkia went on to add, “Once your eggs have been collected and stored, you can access your report from your personalized dashboard on our platform!” How cool are they? Ovacool! 

Looking ahead, Ovasave has ambitious plans to expand across the GCC region and reach out to more women in support. Their vision is bright and clear– empower women with knowledge, support, and accessible fertility services, thus revolutionizing women’s reproductive freedom! #AndWeAreRightWithYou

In a world where women’s reproductive health is now being given the spotlight it deserves, Ovasave stands at the forefront with innovation and compassion. It’s a platform that envisions a world where women can make informed choices and create their own path towards motherhood, on their terms. With Ovasave, the future of women’s fertility has never looked more promising. 

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